Hope vs Hype

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In my 6 years in network marketing, I have seen it all. I have experienced many success stories from people all over the world. I have seen countless of people turn their lives around, find better health, be happier over all.

However, I have also seen failures. I have seen people who get caught up in the little games that this industry has to offer. I have seen people’s frustrations get in between the long-term success of their business. I have watched too many of my friends quit, because they did not see quick results.

My father always told me:

” Don’t ruin a lifetime of happiness, for a moment of pleasure.”

Of course, at the time I always heard these words with a religious context. I did not realize that this simple principle could be applied to anything in life, even network marketing.

Too many times I hear about my friends leaving the company to go to some new and exciting opportunity, only to hear from them again later that they have quit and they want to come back. It was not what they expected. They saw quick upfront results that got them fired up, but in the long run, the residual just wasn’t there or the products were not up to par.

So today I change my father’s long-time saying into something we can apply to network marketing:

Don’t ruin a lifetime of residual income, better health, and over all happiness, for the quick fix hype company.

Sure, it may be tempting at first with their promises of new cars, matching bonuses, incredible products, etc. but what I have learned in my years working for this industry, is that they are usually all hype. They lure you in with many shiny objects up front, but when all the glitz and glamour fades away, their plans do not have a strong residual compensation plan, their products are not science-based, and the company disappears faster than you can say bankruptcy.

So to all my friends who may be struggling with their downlines, who are throwing in the towel and leaving for the company with all the smoke and mirrors, do not be discouraged. Everything in this life that is worth anything, will never come easy. If it does, it is probably not worth it.

Those who stay strong, stand for something bigger than themselves, and stay true to their principals, to those come the rewards. And the rewards are many.

Disraeli Rangel

Global Communications Manager


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One comment on “Hope vs Hype

  1. Jack on said:

    If its about the money it will be short lived at best. If its about truly helping others with health wealth and happiness money will just be a bi-product. I heard somewhere that if it was about the money we would already have it. Focus on empowering others and the results will be mind blowing. Be un-wavering in your goals, have vision and we will all get to the top together. Make your life Sisel!

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