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  • New Mothers are the Entrepreneurs of the Future

New Mothers are the Entrepreneurs of the Future

Besides having to adjust to a schedule that provides zero time to sleep or even rest, becoming a new mother can create all kinds of unexpected problems, not the least of which is what to do about a career. A majority of American businesses are not really prepared to […]


Horses, I love driving horses! In my teenage years my Dad and I raised race horses and I loved every minute,
now that my husband and I have an organic dairy farm and 3 wonderful little girls, I mostly just dream about
horses 🙂


My grandchildren; there are two boys, ages 7 and 3, and we are expecting one in March, it’s again a boy!

  • “My Sisel Story” Winners!

“My Sisel Story” Winners!

Sisel International is proud to announce the winners of our 1st annual, “My Sisel Story” contest. We had lots of great entries that shared all the sincere reasons people have for joining the Sisel family. Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to post theirs to YouTube, […]

  • Guess Who is Sailing the Caribbean in a FREE Suite?!

Guess Who is Sailing the Caribbean in a FREE Suite?!

Announcing the Winners of the “Sweet Suite” Contest!

Sisel is proud to announce the winners of the Mower Cruise, “Sweet Suite” contest.

The Top 3 Distributors are: Dr. Karen Kelley, Kristof & Agota Karczag and Jack Daniel. Congratulations!

You are all going to be cruising the Caribbean in a Sweet […]

  • The January Sisel Source is Ready for Reading!

The January Sisel Source is Ready for Reading!

You can read all about the latest and greatest Sisel happenings by reading this month’s Sisel Source newsletter. Our January issue is packed full of interesting information.

All this plus Rank Advancements, Sisel Live! updates and a special message from Tom Mower, Sr. are all awaiting you in this month’s […]

  • Take the Trim 10-Day Challenge

Take the Trim 10-Day Challenge

Get TRIM Without Thinking

Changing your lifestyle is not easy, but adopting healthy habits can help you manage your weight in the long run. Successful, long-term weight control must focus on your overall health, not just on what you eat.[1] By living the Sisel Trim Lifestyle, you will begin […]


I LOVE Classic cars and race cars.


Our hobbies is networking, reading, traveling and  animals (most of all dogs 🙂 )


For the most part I coach and train in boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu and wrestling. If I’m not doing that I’m socializing with other business owners, non-profits and just doing my best to be a part of my community.

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My wife has fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. We attended a wedding the other night, and I couldn’t seem to get over just how much her eyes seemed to just “pop.” With every glance, her eyes drew me in! I just couldn’t tell what was so different. Well, the next day she shared with me that she had just used the newest Lash Builder Mascara from Sisel, and believe me, she could have been an eyelash model, because she certainly looked fantastic! Thank you Sisel for providing safe and toxic free products that helps keep the romance siseling!
Scott B.
Wow! love the new look! I especially love what is inside, however. This stuff is GREAT. Who needs bad-for-you over the counter energy drinks when you have have all the energy and all the healthy! Thanks Sisel!
Jenny G.
Fabulous Summer Tips! Love this Blog Post! Thanks.
Laura B.
TS-X perhaps the GREATEST discovery this century ! Thank YOU TomMower and Team for allowing me to DREAM again & giving me hope for not only improved health for myself, but for the health of my entire family/friends & friends all around the world ! THANK YOU !
I’ve known Jeff for a few years and no where have I seen such a transformation in anyone like I have with Jeff, who has now lost 101lbs, using any weight loss product on the market. Now it is my turn to shine! In any MLM com-pany, it is duplication that leads to success. This goes with losing weight as well. Especially, when we have a one of a kind product like SiseLean. No other comapny can duplicate this.
Kitty H.