There is something classic about professional eyeliner; in fact it was introduced to the world in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Eyeliner enhances the eye making it is no coincidence that it has been around for such a long time. Eyeliner has the power to boost your natural eye beauty, fill in your lashes, and give your eyes the shape that you’ve been hoping for.  Sometimes eyeliner can be intimidating when we think about its application, however, with some well guided tips a really is a cinch.


Helpful Tips for Eyeliner Application


1. Because the skin of the eyelids are extremely fine and sensitive, make sure the skin is not stretched tight during application. Instead of pulling the upper or lower eyelid taught for application, apply a rough line and clean it up later with a cotton swab.


2. Applying black eyeliner in a full oval around the eye will make the eye appear small. For a nicely shaped eye apply black eyeliner on the top with brown eyeliner on the lower lid.


3. Avoid dark eyeliner application on the water line which can result in the liner looking smudged.


4. Be careful not to go overboard when drawing on the lower lid of the eye. Draw a gentle line and then smudge lightly with cotton swab, brush or finger.


5. Do you ever end up with a bare skin line between your lash line and your eyeliner line? Make sure to angle the pencil downward during application to get closer to the roots of the eyelashes.


6. If you have down-turned, small eyes, open up and enlarge the shape by flicking the eyeliner line up at the end of the eye.


7. For upturned eyes, you will want to make the application thicker on the upper and lower outer corner of the eye.


8. If your hand is unsteady then find a surface to place your elbow on. This will ensure a smoother and more exact application.


9. When you feel that your eyeliner is becoming too strong or thick then tone it down by making the top line thinner and applying liner right under the lash line of the upper lid.


10. Put the liner on your eyelash curler to save time and help you get a straight line.