Who is ready to set sail and be rewarded for all of your hard work, commitment and passion that you will put in over the next 7 months? I know that I am! I absolutely love what I am seeing right now around the world as I look at the dedication and tenacity of our distributors! It is wonderful to see so many of you step up and take the challenge to achieve your goal of setting sail on the Mower Cruise Leadership Retreat!

We all know that there are basic daily activities that are necessary for us to have success in this business. We have modeled the challenge after those three basic activities that will help you not just attain the cruise, but for years to come, allow you to experience sensational wealth built on a solid foundation! So, what are those three basic building blocks that we need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? Below, I will outline them and in the coming weeks dive deeper into the training and developmental aspects of not only doing for yourself, but teaching and training others to do as well.

Sheer-Luxury-on-the-Largest-Cruise-Ship-Allure-of-the-Seas-221. Enrolling and Sponsoring new people into the business. This is the first way that you can earn Mower Cruise Cash to contribute towards you attending the cruise. This seems so elementary, but without new team members coming into your business daily, weekly and monthly, you will never grow your business. You must always be sharing the opportunity with not only your prospects, but you must always be prospecting and looking for new business partners. Your business will grow stagnant if you allow it to.

2. Retaining your new distributors and continuing to work with them as ongoing business partners. We need to remember the commitments we have made in order to help others achieve success in this business. It doesn’t stop with the first order. We must always remember that this business is all about duplication and repeating what we have done so others can do the same. Consistent training and leading by example is what will keep people motivated to move their business forward as well. We are in the people business and it is important to remember the promises that we have made to the new people coming into this opportunity concerning the hopes and dreams to make some additional monies for their household.

Sheer-Luxury-on-the-Largest-Cruise-Ship-Allure-of-the-Seas-113. Growing your business is what you should be striving for daily and the best way to measure this is by attaining new ranks. We have 1-10 Star Master ranks that will allow us to know when our Qualified Downline Revenue has grown to a level that is commensurate with the next step in our goals. We should always be looking at the next rank to measure how we are doing in our business building efforts. As an example; If you are currently a 1 Star Master Distributor with Sisel International, then you have been able to build your business to over $5,000 in Qualified Downline Volume (QDV). Congratulations! The next goal should be to grow your business to over $15,000 QDV in order to achieve the rank of 2 Star Master Distributor. To do this, you must repeat steps 1 and 2 in order to get to that next rank.

Work with your upline and downline and those Sisel Distributors in your area to do that which is necessary to build a phenomenal business and I can guarantee you will have success based on that which you have done in the past, present and future to get there!

See you on the cruise!

Aaron Rennert
Vice President of Worldwide Sales
Sisel International