In case you didn’t know, all of Sisel’s Kaffé coffee beans are cooked with a state-of-the-art infrared coffee bean roaster. Why infrared? Because it is by far the best way to prepare beans for a final grind and packaging. When coffee beans are prepared the traditional way, they are actually heated to around 435°F and are thus ‘roasted’ beans. Kaffé coffee beans are prepared by being heated under infrared lights at around 390°F, a process that cooks the beans instead of roasting them. What’s the difference? Plenty. Scientists and coffee experts alike agree that utilizing infrared cooking produces four major benefits over traditional roasting, including:

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1. The beans and thus the coffee is healthier. Higher temperatures produce more radicals, which are bad for your body’s immune system. Cooking at the lower temperature produce fewer radicals during and after the roasting process.



Kaffe_Blog-Burn2. No burned beans. If you’ve ever been around a traditional roaster, you’ve smelled the unpleasant odor of burned coffee beans. With infrared cooking, the temperature is better controlled, resulting in the elimination of burned coffee beans.



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3. Infrared cooked beans smell better. One of the reasons coffee lovers love coffee is because of the intoxicating smell freshly brewed coffee produces. Beans cooked with the infrared method produce an average of 25% more fresh coffee aroma, as well as protecting the essential oils contained in the bean, making infrared beans the best smelling coffee in the world!



a pH test strip, used to test the acidity or basisity of a liquid.

4. Lower acidity. Many people don’t drink coffee because their stomachs can’t handle the acidity roasted coffee produces. Infrared cooked beans are proven to produce lower acidity, thus allowing more people to enjoy the great taste and health benefits Kaffé coffees offer their drinkers.



Infrared cooking combined with our Gesha beans produce the best tasting, healthiest coffee on the market. Surprise your friends and associates by brewing them a fresh cup of Kaffé . . . they’ll thank you for it.