The facts are in and they are hard to ignore…humans are becoming fatter every day and sugar is a big part of the problem. People are eating too much sugar, especially refined sugar and we must take individual responsibility to do something about it. The good news is that are lots of small things we can do to cut down on our daily sugar intake and the sooner we start, the healthier we’ll all become. Listed below are four simple steps you can start with that hopefully will lead to more ways you can cut the amount of sugar in your diet.

Start with these four methods to cut your sugar intake:

  1. Reduce your processed foods intakeReduce your processed foods intake. Processed foods are full of sugar. Check the contents of any bag, can or box of processed food in your house and you’ll be surprised at how much sugar they contain. Make your meals from scratch and you’ll cut out a majority of the sweeting ingredients you are consuming now.

  1. sugar quotaImplement a “sugar quota” system in your diet. Going cold turkey on sugar is extremely difficult, so instead be realistic by utilizing a sugar quota in your diet. Start with eliminating one dessert or other sweet treat and then slowly ramp it up to eliminating multiple items.

  1. Cut Out SodasCut out sodas. Soda pop is one of the most sugary, empty-caloried items we consume on a regular basis. They are useless for quenching thirst and contain nothing that really benefits our body. Instead of soda, start drinking Fire n Ice tea. It not only tastes great, but it helps you to lose weight by turning up your body’s thermostat to burn more fat. Get away from sugar and start drinking healthy today with Fire n Ice tea.

  1. Lose the energy drinksLose the sugary energy drinks. All energy drinks share two main ingredients – sugar and caffeine. That’s why they work to get you going and then they make you crash. You can avoid those dangerous highs and lows by switching to a healthy drink like Sencha Tea or Sisel’s zero sugar high energy UltraMaxx. Not only is Sencha Tea great hot or cold, it won’t give you those energy swings all day. Feel better by avoiding the crash and switching to delicious Sencha Tea today.