Over the past decade, lots of things have changed in regards to societal norms, especially when it comes to environmental concerns. One of the concepts people are more aware of than ever before is green cleaning. The term green cleaning refers to using cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, containing no chemicals or toxic ingredients. Terms like “biodegradable” and “eco-friendly” are used in describing these products, publicly labeling them good for the environment and safe for use around children and pets.

Sisel International has long been a supporter of green cleaning and has used its Sisel Safe® philosophy of manufacturing to create eco-friendly cleaning products ranging from laundry soap to hand cleanser and shampoos. Both Sisel Distributors and customers have realized the importance of green cleaning and have supported Sisel’s safe products, preferring them to their toxic counterparts. In using these products, they have come to realization that there are five major benefits to cleaning green, including:


1. Improved safety for the health of humans and animals.
Cleaning with biodegradable products guarantees that your family and pets will not be exposed to the possibility of ingesting any harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients. They also eliminate the possibility of breathing any toxic fumes, as they don’t create any.

2. Better self-esteem.
Making the decision to switch to green cleaning produces feelings of good will and societal betterment. In short, you simply feel better about yourself and your ecological footprint. Going green seems like a logical choice, but it really is motivated more by emotion. Ridding your home of nasty chemicals and the fumes and dangers they produce is something you don’t realize until you’ve done it. Never underestimate the benefits of feeling better about yourself and your lifestyle choices.


3. Pregnancy protection.
Expecting mothers no longer have to avoid certain products or use protective clothing and gloves like they have to when using caustic cleansers around the house. Cleaning green means cleaning safely.

4. Saves money.
You can not only purchase a lot of green cleaners for less than their chemically fortified competitors, but you’ll discover that you can make a lot of all-natural cleaning products at home by combining simple household ingredients.


5. Cleaner water.
Using green cleaning products helps protect our most valuable natural asset – water. Using biodegradable products prevents chemicals and toxins from entering our waterways and water treatment facilities.

Converting to green cleaning is not something you have to do all at once. You may feel that you are making less of a total commitment by phasing in your new cleaning program. Start by rotating green products into your household as replacements for conventional products. A great first choice is to use Sisel’s Vibrant laundry detergent. It will provide superior cleaning results while offering a fresh mango-tango scent. Then, when needed, replace your dish soap with Sisel’s AseptiClean. Continue to rotate more Sisel Safe® products into your home until you have replaced all of the toxic cleaners you once used with our eco-friendly ones. We guarantee that once you’ve made the switch to green cleaning, you’ll never regret the decision.


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