“The greatest wealth is health”

– Virgil

As society becomes ever more divided over everything from politics to basic societal mores, it is reassuring to see one area that has remained traditional. Americans overwhelmingly believe that being rich and healthy is better than sick and poor. A simple premise that has long been known to most people. However, a growing number of Americans seem to be abandoning this core conviction, (as evidenced by their burgeoning love of obesity and diabetes), it’s time to remind everyone why living a healthy lifestyle is better than not. Here are just five benefits to a healthy lifestyle:


Healthy people have more fun1.Healthy people have more fun.

It’s true! Just look at any scene where people are genuinely having fun…the beach, sporting activities, traveling, hootenannies – healthy people are obviously doing the merrymaking and the unhealthy, not so much. When was the last time you saw an obese sickly person enjoying a game of beach volleyball? Makes you think, eh?



Flying is more comfortable for healthy people2. Flying is more comfortable for healthy people.

Today’s commercial airlines are centered around providing a tolerable flying environment for people that lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only are the seats being continually downsized, (thus making the obese more uncomfortable); but have you ever tried bringing an iron lung on to an airliner lately? There’s just not enough room in the overhead bins and forget about sliding it under the seat in front of you!



Pets love healthy people more.3. Pets love healthy people more.

Not only do pets like people who have the energy to walk and play with them, they are highly suspicious of overweight people eating their snacks. Studies have possibly shown that animals ranging from turtles to monkeys like being around healthy people as opposed to sickly individuals who lack the spunk to truly enjoy animal companionship.



Families like vacationing more with healthy relatives.4. Families like vacationing more with healthy relatives.

Any survey of family vacations will show that families who enjoy good health, enjoy amusement parks more than those with infectious family members. Plus, it’s been proven that fewer nieces and nephews have been crushed on Pirates of the Caribbean when they rode with a fit relative as opposed to their flabby uncles.



Being alive beats being dead.5. Being alive beats being dead.

Just think about it…have you ever seen dead people really enjoy themselves? An unhealthy lifestyle leads to an earlier death, so it’s only natural to want to live longer to have fun longer. Surveys have conclusively proven that living people have more fun, better jobs and overall, better life experiences than those of deceased people. So, do your part for a longer, better life by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthier and remove things like smoking, heavy drinking, drugs and dangerous life choices from your daily existence. Once you really think about it, a healthier lifestyle really does make sense, and it certainly beats the alternatives.