Have you see the latest business support materials Sisel has released? We’ve got five NEW product brochures/guides that can help you take your business to the next level! Check out these helpful promo pieces:


Trim Weight Loss JournalSisel Trim Weight Loss Journal:

We know how hard it can be to give up the foods you love for the foods you need, especially if you don’t realize exactly what you’re eating. That’s why we have designed this handy weight loss journal. By keeping a daily record of the kinds and amounts of the foods you eat, you can then more easily understand the kind of changes needed for you to be both healthier and happier. In addition, space is provided to record your daily weight and weight loss goals for the week.



FuCoyDon Trifold BrochureFuCoyDon Trifold Brochure:

Our most popular element in the Triangle of Life™ is the Limu Moi based, FuCoyDon. FuCoyDon’s amazing regenerative potential and great taste makes it a guaranteed top seller for any Sisel Distributor. Now you can tell the fascinating FuCoyDon story to anyone with these colorful, informative trifold brochures. They make great handouts, mailers and leave behinds. Jump-start your business with these interesting trifolds.



The First 48 Hours BrochuresThe First 48 Hours Brochures:

Even though there are five steps to the first 48 hours of success, the first step you need to take is to get this helpful handout. With a colorful layout and easy to understand instructions, this brochure will show you everything you need to do in the first 48 hours of opening your Sisel business to achieve success. Great for teambuilding and for establishing confidence, this incredibly helpful tool will prove its value immediately.



SpectraMaxx Trifold BrochureSpectraMaxx Trifold Brochure:

SpectraMaxx is a critical part of the Triangle of Life and these colorful brochures should be an important part of your presentation. Convenient to use and easy to understand, these trifold brochures will explain the benefits of SpectraMaxx and how it is the perfect antioxidant mega tonic. Great as an introduction or as a leave behind, your business will boom with these handy visual aids.



Eternity Tri-fold BrochureEternity Trifold Brochure:

Start living better, longer today with Sisel Eternity, an important part of The Triangle of Life™. And there is no simpler, easier way to share the importance of Eternity than with these trifold brochures. You can use these vibrant handouts to tell the Eternity story just about anywhere. Concise, engaging and truly interesting, these are the brochures that will take your Sisel business to the next level.



All five of these new promotional pieces are printed and ready to go to work for you! Tools are the building blocks of our business. Use these materials to help you share this amazing opportunity known as Sisel International with those that are interested in changing their lives!

Aaron Rennert