Eventually, just about every coffee drinker is faced with the dilemma of what to do with their used coffee grounds. In this age of increased recycling, it’s only natural to re-purpose every item possible. Here are six ideas for your coffee grounds:




Biodiesel fuel – coffee beans, like most plant life contain a lot of oils which can be squeezed out of extracted chemically. Once removed, these oils can be converted into biodiesel fuel and used to run cars and trucks. While this is currently a feasible option, it’s still fairly cost prohibitive. Commercial processing is coming, but it may still be several years before you can fill up the family wagon with leftover espresso.



Compost – backyard farmers the world over know how good coffee grounds are in compost. They are rich in nitrogen, which makes them an excellent nutrient for plants



Repel pests ­– pests like slugs, snails and ants do not like the smell and composition of coffee grounds and will go out of their way to avoid them. Start mixing your coffee grounds with orange peels and you’ve got a great pest repellent to spread around your garden



Refrigerator deodorant ­– after letting them dry out, take your old coffee grounds and place them in a bowl to be placed in the back of your fridge. They will neutralize any stale food or vegetable odors



Tool & dish cleaner – place a few teaspoons of coffee grounds in your dish rag and watch how well they work removing food particles and grease stains. They also work great for cleaning your hands as well



Cleaning your fireplace – sprinkle some damp coffee grounds over the ashes in your fireplace before you begin to sweep them out and you’ll prevent the ashes from flying everywhere.

These are just six of the unlimited uses for which coffee grounds can be used. Experiment with your own and who knows, you may become a successful inventor. In any event, by re-purposing your grounds, you will help the environment by eliminating more waste that we all have to deal with.