Hey ladies – and I say ladies, because this week’s blog will mostly resonate with the fairer sex. There may be a few guys out there who have an opinion on this week’s blog and if there is. . .I want to hear it!

This week’s question concerns eyes shadows – more specifically what kind do you prefer? As you test and try new products and colors, what’s become your mainstay? Pressed, loose, creams, pencils and even dyes. . . the options can seem endless. To me, eye shadow is truly the task that gives that dramatic definition to your eyes. Whether that be light and natural or dark and smoky. . .it’s all dramatic, right?


As usual, my opinion cannot just be a ‘this or that’ answer (sorry, I know I’m complicated), so let me explain. Basically, I’ve been a traditionalist – I love the pressed. I’ve tried and sometimes still use the loose; they have some awesome colors! But to me, the ease of application of the pressed makes it the ‘go-to’ eye shadow product in my beauty regimen.

But- (see, I can’t just say one thing, lol)

We here at Sisel Beauty are bringing out several new products in the upcoming months – it’s exciting stuff! I’ve been able to test some really cool products and through trial and error, there are some that I’ve come to really love. Eye shadow creams and gels can have a beautiful look to them and application is easy as well. They’re fun and different and I like the changeup in the line but really, I keep going back to my pressed.



So, even though I had to have a long, drawn out answer, if I’m going to be pushed and pressured into saying just one word and one word only – then I’ll say: pressed. Now, in one word. . .what’s your favorite?