To become successful, we must start with the basics and build a solid foundation for the future. This is true in all industries and walks of life. When a new person joins Sisel International, and they are looking to build a business, there are 5 Steps to becoming successful.

Step 1

My first objective for a new Distributor is to help them get their initial investment back. So what does this mean? To start a business you have to make an initial investment into that business, right? You’ve heard the term, “Nothing in life is free?” The same rings true in this business as well. Our job is to educate the new Distributor on how to get their initial investment back by bringing in and sponsoring new Distributors that they enroll. Depending on the amount that they invested, lets use the number of $250.00 USD, we would need to determine how many new people it would take to cover that initial amount.

Lets make it simple; With a daily Fast Start Bonus paid at 20%, we know that we would earn $50.00 USD if each person came in at the same amount of $250.00 USD. So we would need 5 new Distributors to earn back the monies that I had invested into my business. Simple, right? If we can teach every new distributor how to do this step, we will see many people well on their way to success!

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Aaron Rennert