Exfolium is the one go-to product in the skin care line that will build your business better than any other!

Since its launch last December it has become one of the best selling products in all of Sisel! Now available in a box containing 30 sample sachets of this liquid gold….well, it’s actually a beautiful, bright pink, the advantages to having this revolutionary product in samples sizes are endless. Packaged in a small, one-time use size makes it simple to hand out at a booth in a trade show, sample during a Live event or party, or even send half-way around the world for anyone interested in a Sisel business.

In a world where people love instant-gratification products, Exfolium produces amazing results that people need only to see to believe. And, with dramatic results in only 45 seconds to a minute, Exfolium has become the next must-have product in the Sisel Skincare and Beauty line, get yours now!

Tune in to Sisel Beauty”s Facebook site tomorrow at 3:00 M.S.T. for the LIVE launch of this awesome, new beauty tool!