Step 2: Get Your Product for Free

I am always interested in seeing people make it to the second step, one that I find to be the most important step, and that is to be able to get your product for free. If you are in business, which this is a business, you should always be profitable. If you are making an investment into your business during the first couple of months, and you are focused on the opportunity to make an income, you must identify how you will become profitable, create a plan and work the plan.

Our goal for you is to Get Your Product for Free. You should always be striving to cover the costs of your product purchases each month. Simply by understanding how many Distributors it will take in your organization to cover the cost of your product each month, you need to understand the Direct Commission and how to maximize your earnings. Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation that allows you to receive your product for free based on your organizational volume, which pays you commissions monthly.

If it seems simple, it is. We need to look at the number distributors that you have in your organization, divide the amount of money you are currently earning each month, and divide that number by the total number of distributors. So if you are earning $500 a month and you have 30 distributors in your organization, you are currently earning about $16 per Distributor. So how many Distributors do you need to reach your goals? We will get into that in the next 3 Steps.

Here’s to Your Success!