As much as I love summers and the time spent with my children doing the usual swimming, smores and sleepovers that ring in this extended stay at home, there’s comes a point where….enough is enough! I am quite near the end of my rope even before the start of August when it’s become very clear that my extra summer job was to be the event planner to my children’s social calendar. The older they get the less they want to do with me and the more responsible I am to make sure they and their “homies” are having THE BEST SUMMER EVER!   I live in almost constant fear that boredom might creep into their day or even worse, be asked to do any chores.

So it comes as no surprise that when the days grow shorter and the back to school ads start to run, I’m throwing a quiet little party in my own mind that no one’s invited to but me!   I join my kids in the sad and gloomy conversations about the summers’ ending while secretly gathering supplies for my yearly ritual of throwing rose petals in front of the school bus on the first day of school.

The reality is, while I truly love summer and the time spent with my kids, fall is my favorite time of year. And while I still can’t believe how long the lists of supplies keep getting every year, the traditions of hunting for the new backpacks filled with every type of pen, paper and erasers that you can find with, of course, the matching outfits, are ones I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

It’s been a good month that my kids have been in school now and everyone’s been settling in with a routine that I truly enjoy. As a single mom, I feel a lot more guilt in the summer when my kids are home alone the majority of the day until I get home from work. Once school starts, their busy school day means that my busy work day is free from calls concerning their boredom, their needs for rides all across the city and boredom.

fallfamOf course once that big yellow bus drops them off at 3:20, my phone begins to ring and chime with the requests to fulfill their hunger needs, homework requests and car-pooling issues until I get home. But all of this is still on a much smaller scale that is usually eased once volleyball, basketball and other extra-curricular activities start up. Of course then the need to be the world’s most organized taxi-driver kicks into high gear but that’s a whole other blog onto itself.

I just love fall. It’s almost like my fall is everyone else’s spring. That no doubt makes sense to anyone else but me but the idea is that a feeling of new newness and creativity abound. With the new school year comes a new start and not just for each child returning to a new school year but to each parent who, like me, relishes the extra time I now have to get those creative juices flowing.   Exciting, new thoughts as to what fun, innovative ideas await the Sisel Beauty line and how best to get us there.   And believe me…..if I can manage the lives of 5 children, directing and fulfilling each and every little need they think they might have….I can surely handle the beauty line!

Happy fall everyone!


Leisel Mower