We women are funny when it comes to our “beauty rules”. Many of them are unwritten, yet still widely known and recognized. Some have fizzled over the years and no longer apply such as…redheads can’t wear red lipstick, you can’t wear white after Labor Day and my favorite one that we no longer live by; women over 40 can’t have long hair (this one’s going to be a hard one for me to EVER let go of). And yet, there are some that still apply no matter what day and age it is such as….every woman needs a great red lipstick, every woman needs a little black dress (otherwise known as the LBD) and when it comes to makeup, less is always more.

Lip Gloss seems to fit into one of those “beauty rules” we all seem to agree about. We wear it as the finishing touch to a beauty full face of makeup yet women wanting to go fresh faced and all natural still want a dash of lip gloss on their lips before they set about their day.  It is one of many items we use to get that all out glamour look we get from our makeup regimen and yet it seems to be the only makeup item we put on and still feel like we are going “all-natural”. What is it about lip gloss that makes it the one beauty product that still makes us feel beautiful AND natural all at the same time?

Lip gloss has evolved into that one beauty item that seems to go anywhere and everywhere, arguably above all other cosmetic items. Lip glosses of old used to be thought of as a mostly younger, pre-teen beauty item. Years ago they were formulated to be extremely thick with strong, fruity scented options that teenagers would apply and reapply about every 15 seconds.   Today’s lip gloss has become THE beauty’ must-have’ that every woman usually owns at least 10 of…. one for your car, three in your purse, one in your pocket, several in your bathroom…..you get the idea.

With that being said, I knew that lip gloss was a must have addition I needed to add to our cosmetics line and I began the work on developing a great, Sisel Safe formula.   As we were working on developing this new product, my brother Tom Jr. came across a study done at the University of Chicago. This study   showed certain fragrances, when smelled 5-6 times per day, caused an average weight loss in the women who participated in the study, of 20 pounds per year. While this was exciting information, information gathered in the study found that the women grew tired of having to continually remind themselves throughout the day no woman wanted to carry something around all day that they had to continually take keep handy in order to take a smell of periodically.

Because of something called a little “sibling rivalry” this next sentence actually hurt me as I was typing it, but admittedly his solution to this problem was brilliant!! Tom proposed that we should take the four fragrances that caused the weight loss in the study (banana, peppermint, grapefruit and green apple) and add them to our new lip glosses we were formulating.   This way, women would be smelling these weight loss fragrances for most of the day (and night even), giving them the best opportunity for weight loss as they applied and reapplied their favorite color and fragrance. I loved the idea and we set about working on it.

Of course those fragrances smell delicious and work perfectly for lip glosses and with that we thought we had a very novel, fun product on our hands; apply your lip gloss and possibly slim your hips at the same time!   By taking our lip plumping ingredients and also adding them to this innovative, new lip gloss….we came up with the very fun, unique lip glosses we call Siselin’ Lips and Hip. Plumping your lips and slimming your hips all at the same time and in 5 beautiful colors has made this fun, new addition to the cosmetics line my favorite new product.

I don’t know why, but we women feel that a dab of lip gloss is the one beauty product that goes with any look we have whether it’s ultra-glamorous or completely natural. It’s one one of the “beauty rules” I don’t see changing in the near future. As for me, my favorite color in the new Siselin’ Lips and Hips lip-glosses is Honey and I’ve got one in my back pocket right now! For those of you who’ve tried it, what’s your favorite color?????

Have FUN!!!