So, over the last ten weeks we’ve been talking about all the amazing benefits of Exfolium, and just like how I dole out my kids’ Christmas presents, I always save the best for last! Because Exfolium can be so many things to so many people (and depending on what your skincare needs are), ANY of the 10 benefits could be the best to YOU.

When we started to design a formula for Exfolium, it was to accomplish the need for a product that deeply cleaned skin pores of dirt and oils while exfoliating dead skin cells. Because the formula for Exfolium grew to contain some of the most revolutionary ingredients in the skin care industry today, it’s come to represent what a true multi-functional product should be – it surpasses all multi-functional products in the market today by being far superior at each task it accomplishes.

bad exfoliantsFor years, we here at Sisel have counseled against exfoliators as the majority on the market contain aggressive, if not downright harmful ingredients that do more damage than benefit. Many use a combination of harsh acids or a combination of granular scrubs with apricot seeds, sugar or other materials that rip and tear into skin that may already be raw from aggressive AHA’s or acids. What’s left is damage that is red and raw to the eye, but under a microscope the tiny rips and tears are even more damaging. Just as the skin begins to heal, we are then instructed to exfoliate again a few days later. It is exactly this damaging process that has prevented us from incorporating an exfoliator into our skincare line . . . until now.

Through time, science has been perfecting more natural alpha hydroxy acids that can take off the top layers of dead skin, oils and dirt while not being so harsh as to strip the natural oils off our skin that we so desperately need. These natural oils are especially important in the fight against wrinkles as we age.

Overly dry skin wrinkles much faster than skin that has regulated its oil distribution evenly and regularly. Even overly oily skin will struggle with issues of acne and black heads but still have a much better outcome with wrinkles as our natural oils help to keep our skin oiled and lubricated. So, it is of the utmost importance to find products that protect our natural processes and don’t strip them away – and Exfolium is just that product.

Every Sisel product contains ingredients discovered from the latest in scientific research. . .and Exfolium is no different. As we finally finish the blog series, “The 10 Amazing Benefits of Exfolium”, it seems only fitting that we end this blog explaining, the science behind it, because it only does what we say it does because of all these amazing ingredients. So, as I list the active ingredients in Exfolium, I’ll also list the PROVEN benefits they bring to you and if they excite you and you want to know more, you can find the studies yourself and become an even bigger believer because the reality is. . . this stuff is liquid gold (even though it’s a beautiful, bright pink!)

peptidePerfecting Peptide P3 or PP3 – This amazing, biomimetic tripeptide is both designed and vectorized to target the outermost stratum conium where desquamation takes place. And it is here that PP3 specifically breaks the bonds between dead cells at the surface of the skin.

PP3 has a natural peeling effect and can therefore prevent the appearance of imperfections, irregularities and signs of aging. PP3 is proven to increase the stratum corneum turnover, refine skin texture and wrinkle depth (especially on crow’s feet) and smooth the skin micro-relief.

dremalDermal RxSRC – Uses a scientific process that produces a bio-fermentation process that uses a proprietary strain of yeast that addresses the need for a less damaging exfoliation process. The main active components in the ferment are a yeast-derived oligopeptide and soy-derived amino acids that enhance the skin’s normal re-texturizing activity. Dermal RX-SRC helps the skin to gently loosen the keratinized cells at the surface, thereby stimulating renewal with younger skin.

multifruitMulti-Fruit BSC – A concentrated blend of 5 botanical extracts carefully chosen to provide a range of different Alpha Hydroxy Acids that each have a unique, beneficial effect on the skin. Regular use of Multi-Fruit BSC can provide: an increase of cell renewal, leading to a smoother, healthier complexion, and increase in skin moisture and a stimulation of ceramide synthesis.

This natural AHA promotes skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as helping to improve age spots and scarring.

caviarCaviar Lime (or Lime Pearl): is the true powerhouse ingredient in this formula. Lime Pearl is an exfoliating agent extracted from Caviar Lime, a precious fruit that is naturally rich in AHA’s. By stimulating TRPV3 channels, it offers a mechanism to gently promote skin exfoliation. This new mechanism has only recently been discovered using the involvement of TRPV3, a keratinocyte transmembrane channel.

TThe activation of TRPV3 is a new mechanism that improves ionic exchanges and Ca2 concentration into keratinocytes in order to stimulate the exfoliation process. More calcium ions are able to penetrate into cells and create an ion overload that accelerates the skin desquamation process. Caviar Lime provides a significant exfoliating action and yet does NOT induce any skin irritation. In the studies done on Lime Pearl…100% of the subjects demonstrated a positive effect! How often do we see that in studies? This is truly an amazing ingredient added to an already stellar ingredient line-up.


Get your Exfolium and feel the difference

Combining the above ingredients with salicylic acid only helps to make this dynamic exfoliator a great answer to your acne issues as well. These ingredients combine to make a dramatically effective formula that in my opinion, is the best exfoliator on the market – bar none! Although exfoliation is essential to the health of your skin, the harsh formulas that have been a mainstay in the industry have caused many women, like me, to avoid this step in their skin care regimen. Exfolium is Sisel’s answer to this problem and by using the latest science, combined with ingredients that truly work, you can produce smoother, more radiant and younger-looking skin, (and all without the harshness of conventional exfoliation ingredients)! This keeps our skin functioning at it’s healthiest, keeping the layers of our skin regenerating at a much faster pace.

All this work not only exfoliates and cleans your pores, it prepares your skin to accept the best wrinkle/skincare product on the market today, Exfolium! The best thing you can do for your skin is use Transfusium and one secret to this product is that it works 100% better/harder when you prepare the way with Exfolium.  Transfusium is MY favorite product, one that truly has the latest science proven to make the changes in fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and volume that has already turned back the hands of time for many women! So join me next week as I dive into why all the hard work and preparation that Exfolium accomplishes… all for an even bigger product, Transfusium.