I love a product that accomplishes several things and a true multi-functional product saves us busy women a lot of time and money. . . who doesn’t love that? Exfolium not only does a lot of different things, it does them all well and today’s topic – acne, is one that most of us at some time or another spend a lot of both time and money on.

I have five children (yes, I’m always tired, lol) and every one of them at some time or another have dealt with the issue of acne. With a 14 and 15 year old, I’m right in the throes of daily acne issues. For the majority of us, we grew out of that phase as our skin stabilizes in our late teens to early twenties. But for a select few, adult acne will be a problem they struggle with their whole lives.

Exfolium has five active ingredients that work synergistically to keep acne at bay: Caviar Lime, Perfecting Peptide P3, Dermal RxSRC and Multi-Fruit BSC are four that work to naturally assist with skin desquamation, helping to gently loosen the coarse, keratinized cells on the surface of your skin. One of the most important functions for preventing acne that Exfolium performs is “keeping pores cleaned”.

Benefits of Exfolium – Fights AcneWhen our pores get clogged, the irritated area of skin becomes red, inflamed and a pimple is born. Keeping our pores clean is truly the answer to problems with acne and it takes a formula consisting of more than just one or two active ingredients. Because our skin needs are as individual as we are, we need a multi-layered approach from our acne products to truly cover all the different issues without causing further irritation and skin problems. Each of those four ingredients listed above contain properties that immediately work to remove the dead skin, oils and dirt that will eventually turn to acne.

Salicylic Acid is another amazing ingredient we’ve added to Exfolium to help with your acne issues. Salicylic Acid is known to have a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on pimples. It works to break down that “cement” like build-up between the cells in clogged pores, helping to unplug them. Salicylic Acid is less irritating than more potent treatments, so it may be better for those with dry skin. Salicylic acid has also been shown to be very effective against blackheads.

Exfolium is a great solution to help with the acne needs of both old and young alike. I’ve said many times that if your teenagers love a product (they tend to be blunt and honest), then you have a product that truly works. And if it’s any indication based on what my kids and other teenagers post on Facebook, Exfolium is a winner!

It’s hard to find an acne product that’s effective but not too harsh or drying. The latest science in skin care is all about ingredients that work hard but in a gentle way. Ingredients that are effective, yet calming, is what every product should strive to be, and with that philosophy in mind, Exfolium is proof that it’s possible!