My last blog was a long one as we delved into the benefits of Exfolium as a primer. Today we’re going to be discussing the benefits of brighter, softer skin after using Exfolium. There are four active ingredients in Exfolium and these four amazing ingredients do most of the heavy lifting. We’ll discuss these ingredients below and the work they do separately and together to bring you the shiniest, softest skin you’ve ever had.

The one thing that Exfolium ALWAYS does is leave women rubbing and stroking their skin, since it hasn’t been this soft since they were little kids. There are countless videos all over Facebook and YouTube showing amazed users studying their skin in disbelief at just how bright and soft it is. In fact, when they compare one hand to the other, they cannot believe that 45 seconds can make such a big difference and the question you then hear over and over is…HOW?

Well, I’ll tell you…it’s the awesome science behind Exfolium. This product is truly packed with the latest and greatest. Each ingredient works hard to deliver the beautiful soft skin you’ll see after just one use!


  • caviar

    Lime Pearl (Caviar Lime)- stimulates TRPV3 synthesis improving the exchange capacity of Ca2. More calcium ions are able to penetrate into the cell and create an ion overload that accelerates the skin desquamation process (in terms you and I speak by…the result is shiny, soft skin, yay!)


  • multifruit

    Multifruit BSC– surpasses the activity of synthetic lactic and glycolic acids. In Multifruit BSC, they’ve maximized the ability to stimulate cell renewal, while minimizing the potential for irritation (we’ll explain how later in the week) but the result is shinier, softer skin…again, yay!


  • dramal

    Dermal Rx SRC – Through a bio-fermentation process, using a proprietary strain of yeast, it gently loosens course, keratinized cells at the surface, revealing younger cells and of course, softer, brighter skin…did I say yay?


  • peptide

    Perfection Peptide 3 – uses Bioimetic peeling for a beautiful skin rejuvenation leaving the skin smooth and radiant.


Exfolium is such an amazing product because it does two things (and does them right before your eyes). It’s this amazing detail that makes it such a powerful product in your business arsenal. I say in your business arsenal because when you have a product that does amazing things and does them immediately and dramatically, right before your very eyes, the benefits to opening your business opportunities to others is unparalleled.

Exfolium delivers a one-two punch that never fails to deliver: #1 – the balling up of dead skin, dirt and oils, always captivating to watch. Watch years fall off as you rub this product into your skin. #2 – the brightest softest skin is what’s left after they rinse with warm water. The reactions to these two things are always fun to see and priceless to your business as we are accustomed to an industry that over- promises and under-delivers. We women are promised the world and more in every jar of beauty product we buy. The reality of what we truly get is vastly different than what’s promised. The result is disbelief and wall of distrust and cynicism that women build toward any new product they encounter. It makes it hard to approach women with a truly great product when they’ve become so disillusioned.

To have a product like Exfolium that truly does what we say it does, and will do it right away…is to have a business tool that breaks down those walls of skepticism. It’s as easy as briefly explaining the amazing ingredients in Exfolium and then as I say, letting the product do the hard work from there. The truly unique application process that this product has and then the result of the softest, shiniest, brightest skin is what sets Exfolium apart for almost every other product on the market today.

Watching women compare one hand that they just treated Exfolium with, to the untreated hand is a treat that never fails. To be left stroking the soft, supple skin you’ve just created with Exfolium might just be the best thing about this awesome product. Because really, what’s better than bright soft skin?