It might surprise you to learn that using and exfoliator, such as Exfolium, leaves your skin feeling peppy, plump and full of moisture. The one thing I hear over and over and over from first time users of Exfolium is just how soft their skin is and just how supple and plump it feels after using this amazing multi-tasking product

Benefits of Exfolium #7Exfoliating your skin 2 -3 times a week with Exfolium works to do many things and the fact that it exfoliates your skin or tones and tightens it is expected from a good Exfoliant. What most women don’t expect is to get an increase in moisture from their exfoliator, but that’s exactly what Exfolium does!

Exfoliation gets rid of dry tops layers of dead skin cells and helps bring newer, moist skin cells closer to the surface. This exfoliated skin is also primed to better absorb the topical moisturizers, like Rapid Repair and Actify 6000, sealing in the moisture they bring to the skin. These two actions leave skin hydrated with the benefit to you a fresh, glowing face!

Exfoliating your skin with Exfolium and then rinsing with warm water is your first step in the softest, most supple skin you’ll ever have. The fact that you must first rid the outer layer of keratinized surface skin is paramount to getting AND keeping your skin hydrated.

Every time I talk about Exfolium I have to point out that this great product does what it says and does it RIGHT NOW! So, have any doubts as to instantly hydrate your skin with only one treatment of Exfolium?  Use one time to see for yourself and give your skin that fresh-scrubbed, glowing look that only well hydrated skin can provide!