As we start to wind down on the final three blogs we’ve been writing for Exfolium, specifically the 10 amazing things that Exfolium accomplishes for your skin and skin care needs, I’ve saved some of the best for last (although it’s pretty hard to argue that any of those 10 amazing things are any better than the other, lol).

toned skin

As women age and especially as they gain and lose weight over and over throughout their life, the skin on their face, just like the skin on the rest of their body loses its elasticity and firmness. Our skin can be compared to a rubber band, once it’s continually stretched and released over and over again, it loses its elasticity.   For years women have continually looked for products and remedies to help restore that toned, tightened skin of their youth. From the popular but more natural trick of egg whites, to the more expensive lasers from a doctors office to even instructions on how to massage your facial muscles as you watch TV, the ideas and tips are endless.

Women have learned that having toned and tight skin reflects a general health, not only for the skin but for their whole body in general. If our skin is our largest organ (and the most obvious one), and its health says a lot about our health in general. Most women know that the easiest way to tone and tighten skin is to drink plenty of water and keep it hydrated. The more hydrated your skin is, the more firm and toned it will look. While this simple solution is just a glass of water away…you’d be surprised at how many people ignore it.

It is under this same method (hydrating the skin) that makes Exfolium so effective. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can be a monumental task for busy women and yet the elasticity of our skin depends on it. One of the most surprising benefits to me when I used Exfolium, was just how hydrated it left my skin. One of the reasons I hadn’t used an exfoliator in the past was the damage and dryness that usually results from the majority of exfoliators on the market today.

Instead, Exfolium’s unique and powerful active ingredients work in such a way as to remove the keratianized, dead skin and oil from the skin all while promoting collagen and moisture. As most of us know, collagen is vital to keeping our skin toned and tight. Caviar Lime (or Lime Pearl) is one of the most exciting ingredients in Exfolium! Lime pearl is a new generation of Alpha Hydroxy Acids extracted from Caviar Lime.

Exfolium #6

This amazing ingredient functions in a completely new, GENTLE way using a mechanism of action that triggers the stimulation of TRPV3 synthesis (of which I will talk about in the last blog). But what makes it so important to the point I’m talking about today? It’s the one line in the studies that were done on this amazing ingredient: “that boosts pro-collagen and plumps out the skin”.

So, how amazing is it that you’re not only taking off the dead skin, oils and dirt but you’re PLUMPING out the skin, filled with moisture as well as building collagen to create a tight, toning effect that women have been trying to achieve for centuries. And, like everything we do here at Sisel…in the most safe, healthiest way possible!