Blush or Bronzer – this is the hardest decision to make when I’m getting ready. How about BOTH! Yes, I’m guilty. Whenever I can’t decide on one, I wear both. While I know that blushes and bronzers may be used to achieve a “glowy” look, it also adds radiance to your skin regardless of what skin color type you may be. I’m not going to lie – the results can be downright scary with the wrong application. Mistakes in this area will easily leave my face looking like it has been plastered in makeup. So after years of trying many different products, lots of trial and error and hours of research, I’ll share what I believe is the best answer to the “Blush or Bronzer” question.

For the beauties that have light skin with pinkish under tones, SKIP THE BRONZER! Instead, use blush to highlight your cheekbones, this will make your skin glow. For you lighter ladies, red color blush complements you better as it adds the most natural flush for your skin type.

For the medium or olive skin tones, such as myself, guess what ladies? We can get away with using both bronzer and blush! Such a relief for all the times I have used both then worried myself sick wondering if I ended up looking like a clown, lol. Using matte bronzers is the quickest way to a softer, natural look. The glittery and shimmery bronzer adds an unnatural finish to the skin, however we can get away with using them at night to highlight our cheekbones. On the other hand, bright pink blush or soft red will amp our look, leaving us looking refreshed and awake. To achieve this look, I use our Sparkle Dust, my favorite!

For the darker beauties, bronzer is your best friend in helping to define your cheekbones and even out your complexion. For blush, choose a color that will brighten your face. Deep colors, such as plums, burgundy and deep pinks are the best choices for your skin tone.

There you have it! Share with us what skin tone/color you are and we here at Sisel Beauty will help show you the best options the beauty department has to offer.

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Light with Pink undertones

Timeless Minerals® Blush- Very Berry

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