Let’s talk bronzer. Bronzer has the power to accentuate the attractive angles and shapes of the face. On the other hand, we may have seen at one time or another when poorly or overly applied bronzer throws off a balanced look. How do we use bronzer to draw attention to our natural beauty without drawing attention to the bronzer itself?  Bronzer adds a powerful punch to any makeup routine and because it is a more dynamic product, it must be applied with care. Making your skin look vibrant and appealing is very possible when following the right steps for that sun-kissed skin everyone is raving about. Who says you can’t have summer skin in the winter season?



Here is some Bronzer Do’s and Don’ts Wisdom for a Natural Look

1. Do start with a clean canvas –this is essential! Every masterpiece begins at square one, so make sure you have your foundation evenly applied on your face before starting with the bronzer.


2. Do not brush on the powder directly, rather pat the brush or dust it slightly on your wrist before applying to your face. This will tone down the bronzer and keep your face from looking overloaded.



3. Do achieve the perfect raised cheekbone look by applying the bronzer, under the apple of the cheek. A good trick to your natural cheekbone is to suck in your cheeks (like a fish face.)


4. Do not apply the bronzer all around the face. Bronzer can be applied in a few different ways to give animation to varying features of the face. Full face application will give the face an unnatural color that will vary from the rest of your skin. No one wants to look like a pumpkin!


5. Do use the right shade for you. How do you find the perfect shade for your skin? We recommend using a bronzer two shades darker than your natural skin. Make sure when finding your color that there is natural light. Blend the bronzer with our Pressed Mineral Foundation for the perfect hue.



6. Do not apply an excessive amount of product, but blend lightly applied bronzer well to make your face look fresh.


7. Do try a sunny accentuated look by applying the bronzer to the higher midsection of your forehead followed by applying it along the underside of the cheekbone.




8. Do not leave harsh bronzer lines which will make the bronzer stand out and draw attention to the makeup itself.



9. Do check the intensity of your applied bronzer by holding your hand to your face and determining if it is a natural tan color of your skin.



10. Do not forget to distribute bronzer to your jawline and neck in addition to your face. This will ensure a genuine sun-kissed appearance. Vertical streaks on the neck and slightly tracing the collarbone will help to produce this look.