There’s More to Vanquish Than Just Looking Younger

When Sisel International created their amazing anti-wrinkle skin treatment, Vanquish they wanted to produce a product that not only seemed to make wrinkles, eye […]

Three Reasons to Become Intrépid

Are you Intrépid? If you are not familiar with Sisel’s latest breakthrough in anti-wrinkle technology, Intrépid, you should start studying up immediately. There are […]

Sisel Beauty Has Landed Down Under!

Sisel International is excited to announce the arrival of the complete Sisel Beauty line of products in Australia! Over 80 new products will now […]

Looking Younger While Growing Your Business!

Sisel’s new anti-wrinkle product, Intrépid, will not only make users look 20 to 30 years younger, it will also provide Sisel Distributors with the […]

Sisel’s Intrepid Demo Kits are Here!

Sisel’s amazing skin care system, Intrépid is ready for its pre-launch.

You can now place orders for your Intrépid Skin Care System Demonstrator Kits, available […]

Blush or Bronzer?

Blush or Bronzer – this is the hardest decision to make when I’m getting ready. How about BOTH! Yes, I’m guilty. Whenever I can’t […]

Foundation Brush

You know how I’ve said I’m one of those people, hen given a choice, that just can’t choose between A or B? This week’s […]

A Word (or Two) About Eye Shadows

Hey ladies – and I say ladies, because this week’s blog will mostly resonate with the fairer sex. There may be a few guys […]

With Eyeliners, the Choice is Yours!

In today’s beauty world, the choices for each and every beauty option we have is limitless . . .actually beyond limitless! Each year the […]

Lipstick Vs. Lip-Gloss

So Monday on the Sisel Beauty Facebook page we posted a survey to see how many of our follows favor lipstick or how many […]