I was surprised to learn that the “color of the year” for 2016 is Rose Quartz . This was news to me (because I had no idea they even chose a color of the year) and because I had no real concept of what it meant. Turns out, the color of the year is the featured color the cosmetic and fashion industries have decided to highlight for the season. Which is great news for both Sisel and me! I love the color pink and Sisel Beauty has lots of amazing products to offer in pink , so we can all feel on fleek in 2016!

The psychology behind the color pink is very interesting to me. The associated meaning of the color pink is innocence and unconditional love and nurturing. I suppose that’s why it has always been linked to newborn girls. Pink is a combination of the colors red and white; providing it with the need for action in red, and the potential for success represented by white. That’s probably why I’ve always loved pink – it has the passion of red combined with the purity and simplicity of white.

In addition, studies have shown that the color pink can have a calming effect on our nerves. Simply seeing pink can lessen our feelings of anger and aggression. I guess that’s why some prisons paint their walls pink . In any event, I’m glad pink is the color this year, because my favorite Sisel Beauty aid is Exfolium.


Exfolium is Sisel’s number one seller and it just happens to come in pink …so it’s fashionable as well as effective. (Just proves the Beauty Gods are in our favor, girls!). Besides being peaceful and relaxing, Exfolium offers 10 great benefits to users, including softer, brighter skin and tighter features. I swear it’s like sending your face to a spa! Try it once and you’ll be as in love with it as I am.

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