It’s come to our attention that many of our great Distributors aren’t seeing Sisel’s daily updates on FB. Fear not! We’re here to get things moving smoothly for you!

You may not know this, but Facebook treats business pages differently than those of you and your friends. Due to FB’s heavily regulated algorithms, simply Liking our business page doesn’t guarantee you’ll see each of our posts. Luckily, it only takes a few clicks to ensure you see all of our updates.


Follow these steps and you’ll be getting all our news in no time!


Step 1: Go to our business page and click “” to make sure you are following us. (This is typically default if you’ve liked our page.) The button is located to the bottom left of our profile photo.

Step 2: With the “Following” tab still open, tic “See First.” This gives Sisel’s posts a higher priority in your news feed.

Step 3: Next, in the Notifications section, tic “On (All Posts, Events, All Live Videos)”. Now every time we post something, you’ll receive a notification.




Step 4: Click on the Edit button in the Notifications section.

Step 5: Under Posts, tic “All Posts.”

Step 6: Under Events Near You, tic “Events.”

Step 7: Under Live Videos, tic “All Live Videos.”


You should now be completely set up to be notified each time we post promotions, new blog posts, new products, updates, etc.