This is the third of a 10-part series on the benefits of Exfolium. While the first two benefits were lengthy and technical, this benefit is pretty self-evident – your skin’s either shiny and glowing or it’s not. There’s nothing better than clean, shiny skin and while it comes naturally in our youth, the men and women who rarely or never exfoliate tend to have a ruddy complexion adding years to the look of their skin.

Exfoliating my skin is something new for me in that I’ve always been taught and believed that until there was a gentle way to exfoliate your skin, it was better not to – and I’ve lived that belief for more than 20 years now.

Exfolium is truly the first exfoliator that I’ve found that works hard to take away layers and years of dead skin, oils and dirt without the tearing, scraping and the trauma normally associated with this industry’s exfoliators. There is no better benefit than a clean, bright face (except maybe softness) that makes a woman feel and look like she has healthy and glowing skin.

How many times do we look at a woman who is happy and healthy and especially showing excitement for life and we say. . . ”She’s so happy she’s glowing”? A pregnant woman is also often described as glowing. The fresh-scrubbed look is something all women desire, but after years of wear and tear from playing in the sun and sand, that glow in many cases, is less bright and more ruddy.

Benefits of Exfolium #3 – Leaves Skin GlowingThe thing I LOVE about Exfolium is that it works and it works right now, the second you use it! Women who use this on the back of their hand are in awe as they compare one hand to the other. The untreated hand is dull and weathered and the hand treated with Exfolium is soft and shiny and bright! The difference is absolutely jaw-dropping and it’s what makes it the best business building tool in the Sisel product line-up.

There’s a saying, “the proof is in the pudding” which basically means, if you want to know if it works, try it and see. You can talk all day about the science of any product but in the end. . . all that matters is that it works right? And in the end, that softer, brighter skin is the whole reason we use Exfolium. Glowing skin is a direct sign of a healthy person – literally unearth your hidden glow with Exfolium!