A true multi-functional product can effectively take the place of at least two or three products. Exfolium is an amazing product that effectively accomplishes ten amazing actions for your skin; and today the powerful cleaning capabilities that Exfolium gives to our skin care regimen is proudly on display.

No matter what we put on our skin at the end of the day, we have to start with a clean face. A cleanser that gets rid of the dirt, oils and the makeup we’ve tacked on top of that is imperative! One of the things that I love to tell women about is the ability Exfolium has to clean your face. We women are busy creatures, so if there’s a product that does even two things in one, we’ll try it – give us a product that does 10 things at once – we’re sold!

My day off attending Ryan's championship game (they won!) and my skin is breathing and  repairing itself.

My day off attending Ryan’s championship game (they won!) and my skin is breathing and  repairing itself.

When using Sisel’s Timeless Minerals Skin Care System, we always cleanse our face with the Firming Facial Cleanser first. This is not a harsh cleanser, but a very mild one that any woman can use. Exfolium is a product that is only to be used two to three times a week, but on those days you don’t have to first use the Firming Facial Cleanser (and isn’t that what a multi-functional product is all about?) Getting rid of other products and just using one – you’re saving both time and money, win-win!

For the women who have occasionally requested a stronger cleanser, Exfolium is the perfect solution. I love cleaning my face with Exfolium. It does such a good job that even though I’m only supposed to use this product a few times a week, I’m using it more because of how effectively it takes off my makeup and cleans my face.

Besides getting the best cleanse I’ve ever had, the softness and the plumpness is an added bonus to a face that truly glows. So, although we need to limit the exfoliation process to 2-3 times a week, my face feels SO good after I use Exfolium, I want it every day!

As I travel the world and talk to women about this great product, I get the most oohs and aahs every time I talk about what a great cleanser this product is and how easily it takes off my makeup. One thing ALL women love is the fresh feel of their skin after their skincare regimen is complete. A full night off with no makeup, and just soft, clean, glowing skin? Why limit that great feeling to only happening at night?

exfoliumI try to talk about the need to let your skin breathe as often as possible. On the days you don’t need that total polished look, let your skin breathe and repair itself. Cleaning your face with Exfolium leaves skin at its most natural – infused with moisture leaving a natural glow that no one would want to cover up with makeup.

My Facebook pages are filled with pictures where I have no makeup. It might not be my best look, but the benefits to my skin far outweigh anything that might be negative (like my brother joking that without eyeliner I look like I have no eyes, lol). But seriously, for the benefit of your skin, be brave and take my lead – give your face as many makeup free days as you can, knowing that you’re getting the cleanest, softest skin possible. And if some of our pictures are a little less becoming, it’s worth it. Your face will thank you with a younger looking, FAR more healthier appearance! Now that’s a look we all want!