Exfolium is one of the most exciting products in Sisel Beauty and except for maybe Transfusium, is the most exciting product in our Skin Care line. We busy woman LOVE products that do more than one thing for them; they’re called Multi-Function beauty products and for those of us with places to go and people to see…we live for them! As far as multi-functional products go, Exfolium is that AND MORE! In fact, we call Exfolium the 10-in-1 product, literally because it does 10 different things all in that one little product.

With convention come and gone, we’re back to talking about the great products and programs in Sisel Beauty, and Exfolium deserves more than just a day or two of discussion. In fact, we’re going to be taking the next 10 days to talk about each and every amazing thing you get when you open up a jar of that bright, pink gel. And today, being day number one, we’re going to talk about how Exfolium is a great primer.

2-1Primers are relatively new in the beauty industry, with the last few years seeing a major explosion in their popularity. In my opinion, there are plenty of products that act as a primer, so there is no need to buy a separate product that can be VERY expensive. Many times in the skincare industry, a new type of product is hailed as a must-have, when the reality is, we already have products that accomplish whatever that goal may be and priming your skin is the goal with this product.

There are still plenty of women today who don’t know what a primer is and what it does for your skin. So, in an effort to explain what a great primer Exfolium is, we’ll first talk about what a great primer is supposed to do. Quite honestly, until I started to test drive different primers, I hadn’t known what the big fuss was all about. But once I tried them out, I was hooked! If you haven’t yet been enlightened on the “power of the primer,” then read below to find out why this function alone is cause for the major craze of primers!

1. Seals Pores
One of the main functions of a primer is to seal your pores. I’ve never had large pores but have had plenty of friends and family who do and they know that liquid foundation can make them even more visible. Makeup primer takes care of that by sealing and closing the pores and leaving a flat surface for makeup to more easily glide on. There is also a small blanket that is left on the skin creating a smoother area. The difference in product left on your face is very small but the difference in how your makeup looks on your skin is HUGE!

2. Softens Skin
Good primers make your skin velvety soft and Exfolium is no different. That soft skin enhances the smooth effects it has on your makeup appearance.

3. Anti-Aging
Most primers don’t really have anti-aging properties or ingredients, although Exfolium does (read all about Caviar lime!). One thing that primers accomplish is an anti-aging look since they smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Exfolium has the ingredients that REALLY help with the wrinkles as well as smoothing out the appearance of the wrinkles you do have.

4. Smoother Makeup
One of the best benefits of primers and probably the reason they’re used the most, is to give your makeup a smooth, even look. Once you’ve used a primer to give yourself that velvety look, you’ll never want to put on makeup again until you’ve primed your face. Exfolium, used as a prep to makeup, gives you skin that looks like perfection…the difference is quite astounding and once you have it, you’ll never want to go back!

5. Makeup Stays on Longer
The other major reason that woman use primers is that their makeup stays on longer. Who doesn’t want to look just as fresh at 5:00 in the afternoon as they looked at 7:00 in the morning?

6. Of Benefit to Any Skin Type
While there may be certain skin types that look better in one foundation or color, a primer is perfect for ANY skin type and helps ALL women look better with whatever cosmetics they’ve chosen to apply to their skin.

If after reading these great benefits of a primer and you still aren’t convinced, then the proof is in how YOU see the benefits and that will only come from trying it. Because Exfolium does so many amazing things to your skin, the way you look after you put on your makeup will be vastly different than if you had nothing on at all. And I mean different in a GOOD way!

Exfolium as a primer, softens and prepares your face so that when you apply your makeup it stays on longer and looks smoother. Your wrinkles, acnes and other issues appear far less visible. Who doesn’t want that velvety looking skin that priming with Exfolium will give you? I do, and again, this is just one of the 10 great things Exfolium does. Join me in the next 9 posts as I go through each one. But if I had to stop right here and Exfolium offered all those benefits as a primer – I’m sold already!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the the 2nd benefit of Exfolium – Supports softer skin.