Ok, so I admit it, I’m not as cool as I think I am. That, according to my kids, is painfully obvious. But one thing I do know is that I like what I like and I know when I see a good thing. Just because I’m a mom and maybe even a grandma (I haven’t quite admitted that officially yet), it doesn’t mean that I can’t tell when something is more than…. how do you say it…..hot? Awesome? Amazing?…even dope?

Apparently the cool way to say it now days is “On Fleek” as my son “J” so patiently explained to me. Of course I immediately did the uncool thing -I asked him to spell it. To which he rolled his eyes. Then I went one degrading step further and Googled it. Yes, I admit, its meaning did not come naturally to me (please let this one slide).

Not that that I doubt “J” to be one of the coolest kids around – of course he is- but to my surprise…he was right! In fact, he was so right that two well-known rap stars are fighting over the rights as to who actually came up with this new, cool term that describes everything hip and exciting.

As I looked at his new term and how it’s being used a Google page flew out at me……Eyebrows on Fleek!, an article detailing the techniques and care every woman should take to have to most beautiful and amazing eyebrows.

As every woman knows, eyebrows frame the face; and thick, well-groomed brows do for the eyes what full, plump lips do for the mouth…indicate youth. Thinning brows are a common concern for aging women. Years of over plucking and the natural thinning of hair leave many women with brows that are sparse and thin as they get older. Many times the remedies of pencils, powders and even tattoos leave results that can look less than natural.

Maxximize is a fun, new product that is set to be released the first of next week! It is showing amazing results after just 1-2 months of use (see attached picture). Although this product works great for eyelashes and fingernails, it has also being used on eyebrows with just as great results for brows that appear thicker, fuller and well….on fleek!

Maxximize’s powerhouse formula uses the latest scientific ingredients to create a product that truly does what it says it will do. Maxximize contains two powerful peptides that effectively target hair and nail growth and strength.

• Myristoyl Pentapeptide – 17 and Myristoyl Tetrapeptide – 12 – Studies have shown that these two powerful peptides generate 25% longer lashes by stimulating keratin genes in the body. These are the genes responsible for eyelash and eyebrow growth and are also responsible for stimulating fingernail growth.

• Swertia Herb Extract BG-100 – Responsible for hair regrowth and increased circulation

• Anagain – Stimulates hair regrowth

• D-Biotin – Strengthens brittle nails

Maxximize is truly a mutli-tasking product for eyelashes, nails and eyebrows. This awesome, proprietary blend will “Maxximize” the health, beauty and appearance of not only your eyelashes and fingernails but with 2-3 months use, you will notice your eyebrows will appear to be thicker, fuller and more youthful looking…..you’ll have eyebrows….On Fleek!

Now, did that sound cool?