I don’t know how many life-changing experiences people typically go through, but I have been fortunate enough to have experienced quite a few – most of them positive. And I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. The opportunity I was given by the Mowers to travel to Australia has with no question been a life-changing experience for me and it was 100% positive.

For nearly five years now, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with Sisel Distributors from all over the world. Most my time has been spent meeting, supporting, and working with the remarkable individuals in North America that have decided, as we all have, to make the Mower Mission and a Toxin-Free Lifestyle part of their daily lives. Believe me, lives are being transformed in North America and elsewhere daily (FSB anyone?). I love being able to connect with so many people. I love what I do.


In many of the conversations I have with new Distributors, I usually make an effort to point out that Sisel International is not some new opportunity that hype-filled network marketers are flocking to. On the contrary, I point out that Sisel is the continuation of the Mower Mission, which started over 30 years ago. It started, more than a decade ago, with a visionary scientist and extraordinary entrepreneur named Tom Mower Sr. I point out that some Distributors have been literally following Tom Sr. for at least a quarter century, if not longer. I bring up the fact that the Mower Mission has never stopped and has kept up with the evolution of science and technology. Tom Sr., now joined by his son Tom Jr., are using complex science and technology to meet human needs. They have their own 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility and have remained true to their original vision by remaining debt free and making sure that Sisel continues to thrive for generations to come.

I’ve told that story most likely thousands of time by now. I tell it sincerely because it’s true! But something happened to me over the last two weeks that was a bit unexpected. Let’s just say it caught me off guard. I made it to Sydney and connected with Bev Irwin (Sekulla). I had met her briefly before but this time we were able to spend more time together. I quickly learned that Bev has been following the Mower Mission for over 27 years and was not only an expert trainer on the products but also on why our bodies are lacking nutrition, why estrogen is important to understand, why obesity is such an issue, and why addressing hormonal deficiencies just might be one of the best ways to live longer. Aging is not a disease and the Mowers have been saying for years that it can be reversed because that’s what the science says! I can’t even begin to describe how refreshing it was to hear Bev explain these things in detail and show why everyone needs Sisel products.

13164397_941289652651607_4309203139945685084_nThe two meetings in Sydney were phenomenal. We learned and laughed together. We grew. It was quite emotional for me to actually meet so many Distributors that have been following the Mowers for decades, face to face. Some have been with Sisel since 2007 while others are just finding out that the Mowers are still doing what they do best. The two meetings in Sydney set the tone for the rest of the tour. It set everything in motion.

Next was Melbourne. There were two different nights and some Distributors literally drove for hours to be there. Feeding off all the buzz from the Sydney meetings, there was now a sense of urgency that anyone in the room could feel. I saw excitement it everyone’s eyes. The feeling was pretty obvious – Australia is ready to move forward, ready to go to work. Once again, the crowd included Distributors that had been with the Mowers since the 80s. I spoke about how great 2016 has been for Australia, shared stories about the success I’ve seen our Distributors have in North America, and of course mentioned the importance of running a debt-free business, breaking even, getting products for free, and turning a Distributorship into a successful home-based business.

After Melbourne we made a stop in Adelaide and had a great meeting that was very well attended. It was impressive to learn that some Distributors were flying from city to city like Bev and I were so they could attend these meetings at multiple locations. The diversity of the crowd that night really impressed me. Young, old, male, female, and individuals from all walks of life. It reminded me of how important Sisel is for EVERYONE! There really is something for everyone – experienced or not. We had fun in Adelaide and luckily had just enough door prizes and giveaways to send everyone off with something Sisel.

13082663_933073543473218_9188619415579226945_nAfter a three-and-a-half hour flight, I was on the other side of the continent in Perth – a very modern city with extremely eager Distributors. As was with other locations, and as often as time allowed, I tried to make time to meet the leaders and key individuals responsible for getting the market to where it is today. It was refreshing to see different organizations coming together and willing to help anyone! True teamwork is taking place Australia. Like-minded people are going above and beyond what one would typically expect – something I’ve noticed happening all over the world. The Mower Mission must really bring out the best in all of us!

My last stop was in a beautiful region known as the Gold Coast. Tall skyscrapers line some of the most breath-taking beaches found anywhere. Well, it turns out that this region has a lot more than surfers and sand. There is a serious Sisel presence and I thoroughly enjoyed our two nights, which included a two-hour version of Bev’s full day product training. Spirits were up, dreams were becoming believable, and the Mower Mission was as alive and life-promoting as the products themselves!

After getting back to Sydney with only a couple hours to spare before a little bit of sleep and the long trip back home, I decided to go down to Sydney Harbor. I was alone. The cool breeze had that autumn bite to it, and as I stood there – the iconic Opera House on my right and the Harbor Bridge on my left – overlooking the water under a very clear starry night, it all just hit me. I had been feeling it all along but now it made sense. The time for Australia to rise up as one Sisel’s great markets (if not the greatest) is NOW! The foundation has been laid. There are key leaders in place and new ones joining every day. So many individuals are using Sisel products and depending on them. There is certainly a vibe, a buzz. It’s not hype though. It is so real. It is tangible and most importantly, believable.


Every one of the loyal Distributors I met has noticeably decided to take everything up a notch. It’s the end of the beginning as I like to say. The vision that the Mowers had thirty years ago is happening right now! There is so much more we will accomplish as we move forward together in every country – even ones we are not it yet – and especially Australia. And for me, well, it really was life-changing. Long live the Mower Mission!