Let me start this off with a very sincere opinion of mine. Sisel International has the most dedicated and loyal Distributors on the planet. There, I said it. When a 30-year-old mission is fueled by the genuine hearts and minds of the people involved, it becomes a force to be reckoned with! And that is exactly what I witnessed these last couple of weeks while traveling throughout the Northeast.

It was refreshing to not only reunite with individuals in the Boston area that I hadn’t seen in a while but to also see and meet new faces in the crowd. Our Convention Recap meeting highlighted some of Sisel’s newest products while sharing a familiar message of toxin-free living with a focus on controlling our financial wellbeing. It felt different though. It felt like the individuals were ready to take Sisel into its next ten years. There was excitement, great testimonials, and most importantly a renewed sense of urgency to get the Sisel Products and Opportunity into the hands and homes of as many people as possible.


Fabian's Recap Tour

The various meetings we had in Pennsylvania were well worth the effort. It was an honor to be at these well-attended meetings and to really take in the various stories and trainings. Everyone sharing a message was on point and did so in world-class fashion. The bottom line was clear. Lives have been, are, and will continue to be transformed by the power of individual and team commitment to consuming and sharing Sisel’s life-promoting products. Whether Distributors, Preferred Customers, or Guests came to hear about products or business (or both!), we all left with a vision that must be accomplished together, through real collaboration. Most importantly, it was all believable and clearly genuine.

Fabian's Recap Tour

In all the locations, we were joined by incredible leaders – some of which had traveled from the West Coast to be there. We also had groups come from Arizona, Missouri, Michigan, Florida, North and South Carolina, and Ohio to name a few. I could not thank those who helped present, host, set up, prepare samples and take down enough. All efforts were very meaningful and greatly appreciated.

Having said all that, I can’t help but think how important this upcoming meeting on July 16th in Macon, GA is going to be! We have great organizations growing along most of the Southeast so we’ve decided to choose a centralized location and invite EVERYONE. Macon is right in the middle of Georgia so we anticipate not only have our Georgia Distributors show up, but also anyone in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. This Convention Recap meeting will be equally valuable for anyone interested in the products and well as for anyone focused on building their own home-based business. It will also be perfect for friends, family, and your guests – make a weekend out of it! We rarely have the chance to gather together like this so believe me when I say that I am jacked out of my mind for this meeting. This regional event is one that you will not want to miss so PLEASE, come join me and some of Sisel’s very top leaders in Macon, GA on July 16th!

See you all there!!