Local Ordering (OTG) & International Ordering (NFR):

For Distributors and Customers in Australia, there are two ways to order product: through the Australia Retail Catalog (On The Ground – OTG) and International Ordering (Not for Resale – NFR).


Local Australian (OTG) Orders

Orders that are placed through our Australia operation will be shipped from our Australian warehouse located in Brisbane, Queensland.

You may notice that not all products are yet available in Australia. Sisel International is working hard to make as many products available as quickly as possible. As more products are approved by the Australian health authorities, more products will be available through the Australia catalog.


International (NFR) Orders

Orders that are placed through International catalog are products that are sold in the United States and shipped from the United States. These products are termed NFR because they cannot be resold; they are intended for personal use only. Current products in the United States are available for NFR purchase.




I understand items that are OTG will no longer be available through the NFR catalog. When will this take place?

Items that are available through the Australian catalog in Australia will be removed from the NFR catalog. Please plan Auto Purchases accordingly. As additional items are added they will be moved from the NFR catalog to the OTG catalog.

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Which items are currently available through the Australia Retail (OTG) Catalog?

View the Most recent Australia Price List Here – March 2017

NEW ADDITIONS!  Intrépid! Timeless Mineral Cosmetics! Fucoydon, Actify 6000, and Firming Facial Cleanser, Exfolium™, Exfolium™ 2 pack, Transfusium™, Vanquish™-Skin Smoothing Eye Cream, SkinDu™ Moisturizing Mist, Sisel® Rapid Repair Night Cream, SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator Ultra 220V, OrganiCleanse, Vibrant Laundry Detergent, Terminator Mouth Rinse, SupraShine® Toothpaste, SiseLash™ Enhanced 3D Fiber Extension System, Timeless Minerals® Lash Builder Mascara

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Which items are coming soon? When will they be available?

We plan on having the following products available in the coming months

 Sapphire Shampoo, Sapphire Conditioner, Exquisite Shampoo, Replenish Moisturizing Conditioner

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How do I place an order?

The easiest way to place an order is through your Back Office. Once you have logged into your account you will be able to select whether you want to order OTG or NFR products by changing the catalog listed at the top of the order page.

Figure 1: How do I place an order?

How do I place an order?

Atthe moment our OTG product selection is limited. You may wish to place a second order through the NFR to receive all the products you want. Please note that we are unable to offer the items in both the NFR catalog and the OTG catalog—items that are available through the OTG catalog will not be available through the NFR catalog.

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Why is the price higher through the OTG Retail Catalog?

Items purchased through the OTG Retail catalog incur 10% GST. This 10% is included in the price.

Additionally, the OTG catalog follows the Platinum Partner Program, which reserves the best price for loyal distributors.

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Australia Price List (OTG)

View the Most recent Australia Price List Here – March 2017

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How does the pricing work?

*Distributor Pricing

Sisel reserves their best pricing for their Distributors. Those who place an occasional order and do not qualify receive Distributor pricing, which is generally equal to what a Loyal Preferred Customer receives.

If Distributor place a qualifying order, they receive Distributor Loyalty pricing—the very best pricing Sisel has to offer—and become eligable for all the other benefits of the Platinum Rewards Program.

**Preferred Customer Pricing

There are two levels of customer pricing. The first is for the Preferred Customer who orders directly from Sisel. They receive a discount—but not as sizable as a Loyal Preferred Customer. To get this pricing they simply need to place a qualifying order.

Preferred Customer Loyalty pricing is equal to what a Distributor receives—but does not include the many additional benefits of becoming a Sisel Distributor.

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How do I qualify for the best price?

To qualify for either Preferred Customer Loyalty or Distributor Loyalty pricing through the OTG Retail Catalog, you must either:

  • Purchase a minimum of 200 PV within the month (which increases purchase size).

  • Place an Automatic Purchase (AP) of 50 PV or more.

Either option has a favorable effect on your business—so both are rewarded with the best discounts and rewards Sisel offers. To make it as easy as possible to meet this requirement, this purchase may be made in the current month or in the previous month.

The easiest way to determine if you are receiving loyalty pricing, or to determine what more is needed is to use the Loyalty Calculator displayed on the left hand side of the order form. The calculator will display the amount of PV needed to achieve the best price as well as the potential savings (See screenshot). Once the order meets the required PV the prices will automatically change.

Loyalty PV Calculator Screenshot

Loyalty PV Calculator

Every new Distributor and Customer will be given a one-month grace period upon enrollment.

*Due to customs and import restrictions all NFR items will be given Distributor Loyalty pricing—prices on NFR orders will be the same for Customers and Distributors alike.*

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Do prices include GST?

Yes, Australia GST (Currently 10%) is included in the price on applicable items.

NFR orders do not incur the 10% GST unless the order total is over $1000AUD. For this reason it is recommended that any NFR orders are kept under the $1000AUD threshold.

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What is the Platinum Partner Rewards Program?

This program is designed to reward our loyal Distributors and Customers for making monthly purchases. More information on the Platinum Partner Program is available here: https://www.siselinternational.com/en/AU/platinum-rewards

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How do I qualify for the Loyalty Rewards?

The Platinum Loyalty Rewards will help you maintain momentum and motivate your downline to keep stretching and building their businesses. With each level, you and your downline can save even more.

For Australia, the first vouchers will pay out by September 18th, 2016 and will be based on orders placed May, June, July, and August of 2016. 100 PV Min = Voucher Every 4 Months.


100-199 PV/Month, for 4 Consecutive Months (Personally Purchased)
  • 5% Platinum Rewards
200-299 PV/Month (Personally Purchased)
  • 6.25% Bonus
300+ PV/Month (Personally Purchased)
  • 8.333% Bonus

Examples: Sue has an Auto Purchase setup for 100PV in May, 150pv in June, 150pv in July, 100pv in August. In Mid-September a voucher for 5% of her total PV, or 24.75AUD (converted at current peg rate) will be emailed to Sue that can be used towards product on a 1x order.

John places an order for 250pv through the OTG catalog in May, an order for 200pv through the NFR catalog and an order for 50 from the OTG catalog in June, 250pv from the NFR catalog in July, and then another 250pv order through the OTG catalog in August. Mid-September he will receive a voucher for 61.88pv that he can use on a 1x order.

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How can I redeem my Loyalty Reward Vouchers?

Online redemption is done through your Back Office shopping cart on a one-time order. You can also redeem your points by contacting Sisel Customer Service.

Some exclusions (such as new items) apply. Vouchers may only be used on 1x orders. Be sure to review your order at time of checkout to ensure voucher is applied correctly.


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I heard the Sisel Live! Program is coming to Australia. What is it? When will it be available?

Sisel Live! is an industry-leading program that combines the fun of Direct Sales through home parties and events with the powerful residual income of multi-level marketing. Now, for the first time in the history of the industry, you can have the best of both worlds!

Meet others over lunch, at an event or invite them to your home or the home of a mutual friend. Have a fun, friendly conversation about your passion for Sisel and the Mower Mission. Build relationships and let them try some products. When they would like to order products, they can purchase them right there. The products will be delivered promptly at a future time to their home. If they decide not to purchase anything at your initial meeting, that’s great too! They will now know more about Sisel and how their life and health can improve by just using a few Sisel products.

We currently have a number of distributors participating in a Beta test for the Sisel Live program in Australia. For more information please email sisellive@siselinternational.com 

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How will my commissions be paid?

Commissions are paid the same way regardless of if an order is placed from the NFR catalog or OTG catalog. Information on Sisel’s Dynamic Compensation Plan can be obtained here: https://www.siselinternational.com/en/AU/compensation-plan

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How do I contact Customer Service?

Customer service is available Monday – Friday via email at aussiesupport@siselinternational.com or by phone 011+01 8017046700 10:00PM AEST – 1:00PM AEST (6:00am-9:00pm MST).

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Where are the items from the OTG Retail catalog shipped from?

OTG items are shipped from a local warehouse in Brisbane, QLD.

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I live in Brisbane. Can I place a Will Call order?

Not at this time. All orders must be shipped.

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How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders placed from the Australia Retail (OTG) Catalog should ship via AusPost within 1 business day and arrive within 1-5 business days in most cases.

For orders placed from the NFR Catalog, the estimated shipping days will be the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd. In order to keep shipping charges as low as possible, shipments will be sent when our aggregate total has been met. Our goal will be to ship on the aforementioned dates, however, there may be delays based on volume. In most cases NFR orders are delivered within 7 – 14 business days.

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How can I track my order?

Once the order has shipped a Shipping Confirmation email will be sent that contains a tracking number.

OTG orders may be tracked by entering the Tracking number at https://auspost.com.au/

NFR orders may be tracked by contacting customer service or by copying and pasting the following URL into your browser’s address bar, then adding your unique tracking number to the end.

Tracking NFR orders: https://tracking.globalaccess.com/?vendor=Sisel&ordernumber=. For example, if the tracking number sent via email was 123456, I would enter https://tracking.globalaccess.com/?vendor=Sisel&ordernumber=123456 into the address bar of the browser.

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I want items from both the NFR and OTG catalogs. Can I place one order to save on shipping?

Due to the fact that the orders will be coming from separate locations you will need to place separate orders and pay the shipping on each order. You will want to plan your orders accordingly.

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How much is shipping from the OTG Retail catalog? What is it based on?

Shipping Rates for orders placed from the OTG catalog are based on weight. Rates are as follows:

  1. Orders from 0-2 (.9kgs) = $9 AUD

  2. Orders from 2-7lbs (.9-3.18kgs) = $10 AUD

  3. Orders from 7-11lbs (3.18-5kgs) = $14.5 AUD

  4. Orders from 11-22lbs (5-10kgs) = $30.5 AUD

  5. Orders >22lbs (10kgs) = $60 AUD

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How much is shipping from the NFR catalog? What is it based on?

Shipping Rates for orders placed from the NFR catalog are based on the total PV (Personal Volume) of the order. Rates are as follows:

Shipping and Handling charges will be calculated based on PV totals per order:

  1. Orders from 0-100 PV = $25 AUD

  2. Orders from 101-199 PV = $20 AUD

  3. Orders from 200 PV + = $10 AUD

  4. Orders >1000 PV = $75 AUD

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Am I allowed to enroll as a business?

Yes, you will be able to enroll as a business. You will be responsible for reporting earnings to the Australian Government.

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Can I sell the OTG products in a retail store?

Yes, one of the benefits of having the products OTG is the ability to market them in a retail capacity. We ask that you contact Customer Service to obtain approval.

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Do I need to provide Sisel International with my TFN?

Sisel International requires Distributors to provide a TFN/National ID to use for security purposes. At this time we do not use it for taxation purposes, however your local tax authorities may have differing policies and may require it at a different time.


For all other questions, concerns, and feedback please contact Customer Service. We thank you for being a valued member and for your continued support of the Mower Mission!

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