The response to the Mower Cruise has been amazing. Just look at the results:

  • Vacaciones - Crucero - Luna de miel10 people are on pace to earn enough Mower Cruise Cash to pay for themselves and a guest

  • 38 people are on pace to pay for their entire cruise

  • Over 100 people are on pace to earn at least half of their cruise

  • More than 200 people are on pace to earn a huge discount on their cruise.

Don’t let up now! We want to make sure that you are on the Mower Cruise. Starting August 1st, you can reserve your room by paying for it upfront. But keep working hard because any Mower Cruise Cash that you earn will be refunded to your ewallet later*.

Can’t afford to pay for it all now? We have set up an easy payment plan to help you join us. The best part is that you can use the Mower Cruise Cash you have earned to help make your payments*. Keep working hard and you can have your entire Mower Cruise paid for too!

We can’t wait for you to join us on the Mower Cruise!

*Please see FAQs and Official Rules for complete details.