Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, March 4-5, to spend time with our amazing Team back east and to share thoughts and ideas on how we can utilize the First 48 Hours and the 5 Steps to Success to build their business. It was a phenomenal 2-day event where I saw personal and professional growth from so many in the seminar.

When you bring organizations together, along with the leadership, and create a best-practices event, you get the greatest of all worlds! Ray Hutchison was focused on how to be an accountability coach and using the Corporate Calls to stay connected with Sisel. Laura Baccini gave a powerful presentation on Sisel Live! and how to build your business through these events with the help of Kris Dykema. We were incredibly incredibly motivated by Daniel Whited when he spoke about the need to be positive and grow personally and utilize the basic building blocks to really grow your business. Mary Ann Stoltzfus gave us an overview on specific products and provided sensational testimonials that were heartfelt and wonderful to hear! Mary Zook hosted a panel with Laura, Daniel, Ray and myself where we were asked questions that had to do with the business, products and leadership.

It was great to see the rank advancement of so many of our distributors at the event! To be a part of their recognition and shake their hands and congratulate them on a job well done was a perfect ending to a great event to say the least! With Joe King, Katie and Jake Beiler, Mary Ann and Ben Stoltzfus, Mary Zook and of course Helen and Daniel Whited, Laura Baccini and her two sons, Domenic and Anthony, and Ray Hutchison all in attendance, it was the culmination of many hands coming together to make an epic event!

My role was to train on The First 48 Hours, the 5 Steps to Success and how to keep your business in the black! Over the past 2 weeks we have posted the first 2 Steps to Success, so we wanted to give you all that you may have missed since you were not able to make it the Pennsylvania event.

5 Steps to Success With Sisel International

  1. Return On Investment (ROI): Our first and main objective is to get you your initial investment into your business back. We want to show you how to bring in your prospects and by doing so, through the Daily Fast Start Bonus, you will begin to earn your initial investment back. If you enroll 5 Distributors that purchase the same amount of product, or more, then you will receive 20% through the Daily Fast Start Bonus and earn your monies back.

  2. Get Your Product for Free: By understanding how many Distributors it will take in your organization to cover the cost of your product each month, you need to understand the Direct Commission and how to maximize your earnings. Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation that allows you to receive your product for free based on your organizational volume which pays you commissions monthly.

  3. Lifestyle Change: We know that if every family or individual could add an additional $500 into their household income, it would change their Lifestyle.So what does that mean, change your lifestyle? Simply put, if a household can increase their monthly income by around $500.00, this would allow them an opportunity to do things that they maybe wouldn’t be able to do without the extra income. It is a difficult proposition to think about your current job and how you can earn extra income or whether it is even possible without taking on an additional job, or working more hours. Once again, by understanding the Direct Commission, you will start to define how many distributors it will take in your organization to earn an extra $500 per month. This is life changing; this can change your address, allow you to take a vacation, drive your dream car. Whatever it is that motivates you, this will allow you to work towards a lifestyle change!

  4. 1 Star Master Distributor: You have to ask yourself, what would an additional $1,000 a month do for me? My family? My kids? My lifestyle? When you achieve the rank of 1 Star Master Distributor, you will be earning around $1,000. Your organization will be growing and you are now considered to be a Leader on the Move. It takes hard work and discipline, but well worth your effort as you continue to teach, train and develop leaders within your team. So, what does an additional $1,000 do for you or your family or someone that you know?

  5. Your Goal: This step is specific to you and your goals! What do you want to achieve and/or expect from your business? This is your goal and is very personal. There is not another person that can set your goal for you. This goal is determined by you and is measured by how much time, energy and resources you can put into your business to get something financially back for your efforts. As you define your goal, think about the future and what your hard work and determination may turn into in the future. Can you imagine a new home, car, vacation, retiring early? Whatever it is that you hope or dream or desire, this Step is for you!

Again, I absolutely loved the opportunity to travel Back East, to spend time with and reconnect with many of my dear friends from around America. Well done Sisel Nation!


Kindest regards,

Aaron Rennert

Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Sisel International