Sisel’s new Ionic Air Purifier is the new sleek and stylish way of using Mother Nature’s own natural process of cleansing the air we breathe. By generating negative ions that neutralize cigarette smoke, pollen and many other pollutants you can truly clean the air instead of mask it with sprays. Medical and modern science have directly linked respiratory conditions, airborne transmission of the common cold and flu and other issues to the air we breathe.

Ionic Air PurifierThese small but powerful devices work to clear the cramped spaces we’re commonly stuck in each and every day. Stuffy office cubicles, closets full of sports gear and dirty clothes and bathrooms are only minimally helped with common sprays and fresheners. Our cars are another small space that we spend a lot of time in as we grab the family to run our various errands. That new car smell is quickly replaced with fast food odors, dirty shoes and clothes we may take or leave in the car or for some the accumulation of cigarette smoke. Simply airing out our car or using an air freshener hasn’t truly worked. We use the natural process that is generated by rolling waves and lightning storms by bonding newly created negative ions to unwanted particles floating in the air we breathe. The result is a neutralizing of the unwelcome or even harmful odors we encounter every day. This cleaner air is linked to fewer respiratory issues, enhanced productivity and something we all want. . . improved mood! Simply plug your new Ionic Air Purifier into the cigarette lighter and once it emits a blue light, the product is working its magic! (For those wanting to use this at the home or office, please request the adaptor).