When people are first introduced to our Kaffé line of coffees, they often ask why is Kaffé different? But once they taste it, they know it’s not the same old coffee most people have come to accept. When Sisel decided to enter the coffee business, we knew we would have to incorporate our Sisel Safe™  philosophy into every bag or box of coffee we produced. And that’s why all of our Kaffé coffees are different for a reason.

aab-1To make a better coffee, you have to start with a better bean. Sisel chose to use one of the best beans in the world, the Panama Boquete Gesha bean. Rare, exclusive and commanding a high price, the Panamanian Gesha Bean is one of the most exceptional of all coffee beans. Because of its rarity and uniquely powerful flavor, we blend it with other select beans to formulate our Kaffé line of coffees – coffees that are not only delicious, but healthful as well.

The Gesha’s Unique Upbringing

aab-2Grown in the high elevations of the Chiriqui Province of Panama, the Boquete Gesha Coffee Bean is one of the most expensive and celebrated beans in the world. The incredible soil that fills the fields in the 1,700 ft. above sea level farms creates the perfect loam for growing an incredibly flavorful coffee. The Gesha coffee bean wins more than its fair share of coffee competitions around the world.


The Peculiarity of the Plant

aab-4Unlike many common coffee plants, Gesha coffee plants are recognizable for their elongated fruits, also known as coffee cherries. The light body and uniquely citrus flavors of the Gesha bean are what makes it one of the most honored coffees in the world. Coffee critics often describe Gesha bean coffee as one that has the rare taste of berries, oranges and mangos within its flavor field as well as an aftertaste that denotes white whine.


The Gesha History

aab-3First discovered in southwest Ethiopia in the early 1930’s, the Gesha bean was first brought to Panama from Costa Rica in the ‘60s. Due to the worldwide demand for Gesha coffee beans, many coffee farmers in Central America are now planting and growing the Gesha plant in place of other varietals. It is hoped that this recent popularity will ensure a viable Gesha crop for future processing.

Sisel’s Kaffé line represents the future of coffee. It incorporates great beans with other natural ingredients to make coffees that can improve your weight loss program by helping to turn up your body’s metabolic furnace. Sisel’s Ground Weight Loss coffee makes it easier to stay on your diet. Same with ThermoLEAN 500, our all natural coffee that comes in a convenient pill form.

Regardless of the specific Kaffé coffee you choose, it all starts with the incredible Panamanian Boquete Gesha bean. That’s the Kaffé difference and you can taste it in every cup.