One of the things that I love most about Sisel Convention is that the Mowers release all of the latest and greatest, ground breaking products! Saturday morning will be the day of releasing these sensational products where Leisel Mower, Director of Beauty, Skincare and Personal Care, will be announcing the hot new products in her line. Tom Mower Jr, Co-Founder and CEO, will be launching his top secret, science-based products and Tom Mower Sr, Co-Founder and President, will be launching his revolutionary new additions to the Sisel catalog. By attending this coming convention April 15-16th, you will be among the first to purchase and start using these products that the world has never seen before!

We will also have our Sisel Store open during the convention, which will give you an opportunity to sample and purchase many of the products that are always among our top selling products around the globe. Make sure you bring an extra suitcase to pack home all of the products that you will be able to buy while here in Utah! Our top 5 products around the world are:

1. FuCoyDon
2. SpectraMaxx
3. Eternity
4. TSX
5. SiseLean

Of course you will have a great chance to find out why these products are so important for our human-health directly from Tom Mower Sr., as he teaches a course on the Theory of Aging and longevity, while you are getting your MBA (Mower Business Academy) at Sisel University!

I look forward to seeing you here!
Kind regards,


Aaron Rennert
Vice President, Worldwide Sales