So while you’re reading this blog, I’ll be sitting on a beach in Cancun…..How Awesome Is That?  I think one of the truly awesome things about being a distributor in an MLM company is that you’re your own boss and can make your own schedule.    So there will also be 40-50 distributors who’ve worked hard all year long to be joining me at the same time….party!

As I’ve been getting ready for this upcoming trip, I’ve also been getting ready for three new product launches and those of you who’ve been following Sisel Beauty and all we do, will know EXACTLY what products those are!  I’m not quite sure how the heavens above moved things (miraculously) about the last two years to make it so that these three completely different projects, would converge at exactly the same time.  However this amazing feat happened, I would politely ask that it NEVER happen again!

So while I’m trying to prepare for the fun and frolic that awaits us on the beaches of Cancun, the last 492 remaining last minute touches, tweaks and sometimes ‘fixes’ are all occurring in this, the last 48 hours before I leave.  The fact that J has a play practice all week with two plays to watch on the weekend,  Ryan has two volleyball games and two practices that she’s needed rides and cheering for, and I have a family project with my dad and brother that is also coming to a head this last week, (while I prepare for Cancun and all that this entails) means that this is officially the busiest, craziest and quite possible most stressful  week of my life.   I do realize that sentence was quite possibly the longest run-on sentence ever used in a blog but it all had to come out at once….Phew!

I do have to say that we have an amazing crew here in the Sisel Beauty department and if it weren’t for their  help  and especially Veronica (who has stifled the urge more than once to physically tape me to my chair and not let me leave until I finish all my tasks), I would not be able to accomplish half of everything I’d like to see get done.

So, as I’m on the countdown with three days left to Cancun and this being one of the last things I have to finish before I walk out that door I want everyone to know that when you see the pictures from Cancun floating back from Facebook, I’ll be the one who’s crying in the background……crying from the sheer exhaustion that these weeks have brought, crying over happiness that these new awesome products will only be days away by the time I get home and crying because I’ll be on my new count down of days to get back on the plane and return home to pick up right where I left off.

Here is this weeks office view… Wish you all could be here!

Leisel Mower Cancun Office View