You know how I’ve said I’m one of those people, hen given a choice, that just can’t choose between A or B? This week’s blog question is a perfect example of exactly what I mean. I have always loved liquid foundation. My skin has never been described as porcelain-like, lol in fact, ruddy might be the better word, really. I’m a firm believer in embracing your good AND not-so good traits and my skin has naturally been an area I’ve felt needed improvement.

Because of that, I’ve always desired more of the coverage you get from a liquid foundation. Through the years I’ve tested many different formulas and in my opinion our Timeless Minerals Liquid Foundations are heads above even the best liquid foundations in the market.

Luckily with the amazing skin care products I’ve had literally at my fingertips, I need less and less coverage. As I get older, the “less is more” rule as it applies to a lighter touch in product application is also an important factor to me. I used to use a sponge to apply my liquid foundation, squeezing several drops of water onto my sponge to thin out the coverage and it works perfectly. Beauty tools can truly make a good product great and a great product, phenomenal.

I love trying new beauty tools and when the new, cool shaped foundation brushes came out, I knew I had to give them a try. Not thinking I’d change my opinion from my trusty sponges, I ordered a few different liquid foundation brushes and set out to give them each a whirl…..boy was I surprised!!! The brushes are amazing and the ease of application and even more than that, the ability to truly create a flawless finish was more than a surprise and a lot of fun.

That’s why I say…..with me, it’s hard to answer the question the sponge or the brush. I love the sponge, it’s been my beauty basic for years. But I was able to add water to the brush just as I was the sponge and still get amazing coverage. I was surprised by just how easy it was to use for the very first time. So, while there may be times I still use the sponge, I have to say….I’m now a flat-top, kabuki brush girl (wow, that was a mouthful).

In the upcoming months, Sisel Beauty is coming out with several new beauty tools for different beauty products. Sometimes we’re hesitant to try out new things when they come along, determined to stay in our comfort zones. But take my advice, try the new foundation brush and become a believer just like me, you might surprise yourself!