Like a whirlwind, convention came and went quickly. And when it was over, we were all left extremely exhausted…tired but mostly excited! It’s always interesting to me to see that the excitement and creativity people generate on their own or in small groups, is ALWAYS magnified when you get with like-minded people, each with their own ideas and excitement and put them in the same room. Exponentially, the fun and excitement, as well as ideas generated, come fast and furious and the result is a great event with everyone taking away a renewed zest for everything Sisel!

_ATP5073For those that were able to go to convention, take a breath, relax and relive all the exciting details we here at Sisel Beauty are going to recount for you. For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to attend (and we expect you to be there next year!) brace yourself for a three-day exposé of every exciting detail, as told through the eyes of our Sisel Beauty staff! The first two days will cover all the new Sisel beauty products we announced; day three will be all you, the distributors who participated at our super-successful beauty bar, along the winners of the beauty awards that were handed out at the sparkling Saturday evening gala!

It is now almost two weeks past convention and I’m still talking about and feeling the excitement generated from those informational (and fun) packed two days. Convention always has a lot to offer, but one of the attractions that always rates highest with distributors is the announcement of new products. This year I started the first hour on what would be a three-hour product reveal in which Jr. followed me and Sr. followed him. Mower after Mower after Mower – it was intense!

As I announced at convention, many of these formulas have been a working project for over a year, sometimes two. To see years of great ideas, hard work and endless testing and retesting to create the best possible product all come to a completion, (right for convention) only adds to the excitement of that last day. I told the distributors that were present, that most of our product ideas come straight from distributor requests and conversations in which they convey a need or desire for a certain product. Almost all of my product announcements have been developed because of the distributor interest in those items.


The first product that I’m going to talk about is one that fills that ever crucial need we women have for all things sparkly – three fun, jingly-jangly Sisel Beauty bracelets that fill that need and more! I was so excited about these bracelets that I wore them before and all through convention. Because Sisel Beauty is a line especially associated with fun girly things, we’ve looked at many items that might not fall into the products that you apply/ingest category…but that are just plain fun.

In preparation, we brought in several different jewelry options and had a great time testing and trying the different selections. We didn’t want a jewelry piece that took itself too seriously, but one that still looked beautiful while being extremely affordable.  These bracelets really fit the bill!

The first is a gold bracelet with “Sisel” on it, the second is a Rose Gold Bracelet with the Sisel Beauty logo on it “SB” and the third is a silver bracelet with the Sisel signs on it (I know that for sure because I’m wearing them right now and I can quickly look down to see what each one says….I love wearing all three at the same time!) These are priced affordably at $8.99 for one or $20.99 for all three!

Product-6-00-01-400x450My second product is one we’re all familiar with. Here at Sisel, we’re always on the lookout for the next new product but we never stop learning and thinking about the existing products we already have in our product lines. Scientific breakthroughs happen all around us and when they can improve a product we currently have, you can rest assured that we’re on it! Also, we find that many times in using these products and talking to distributors who use and love these products, many great ideas on improvement can motivate us to change or improve what is already a great product. Such is the case with our second new product announcement, SiseLASH 3-D

SiseLASH 3-D is one of the most popular products in the beauty line, but I felt as I used it that the fibers were too large and sometimes too “bendy” (is there a better word to describe that? Probably, but that’s how I see it, lol), and that made application a little more difficult. I also felt that the gel in this two-item product could be a little thinner for easier application as well. There were several times my own thoughts were validated by distributors having the same product usage comments. We worked on a formula that changed both the gel AND the fibers and we announced a new SiseLASH 3-D (with new, beautiful packaging as well) that has finer, shorter fibers combined with a thinner gel, resulting in an already great product to now be the best on the market! You really have to try this new formula to truly see what a few small changes can make!

Although I’ve barely started discussing the new products announced at convention, I’m going to stop here so that we can continue tomorrow. I don’t want to skimp on any of the details regarding the new Sisel Beauty line products, and as an added teaser…the last product that I’m going to talk about is by far (in my opinion) one of the most exciting announcements made at convention!



So, join me back here tomorrow for the second part of this three-part series of my convention recap. There were lots of great things that happened and I can’t wait to fill you in about them all. You’ll soon see that we’re just getting started! See you tomorrow!