This last month I’ve become the quintiessential “world traveler”. I set out to with the intention to introduce SiseLIVE to the world and to educate and demonstrate one of the best products to ever be released by Sisel, Exfolium. But after almost three weeks later, the person who learned the most was by far myself!

The interesting thing about traveling from country to country is that people change almost as much as the landscape does. Different cultures and customs account for differences in the way people communicate and even work their business and it’s fascinating to see. My first stop was Ireland and it was as green and beautiful as I’d always pictured it be. Ireland is just beginning to grow and the distributors there are friendly and outgoing.


We were able to visit beautiful Grafton Street while we were there and I loved the friendliness of everyone but especially the new distributors I was able to meet and spend some time with. I left there knowing that Ireland will definitely be one the countries to watch as far as growth and leadership in Sisel! They have the drive!


From there I went to London and after doing the usual touristy things (yes I took the double decker bus tour all over England) I was able to meet the leaders in London. They are well prepared and had worked hard to put together a great meeting. London is, in my opinion, a great place for a building a group in Sisel. The excitement and energy of not only the amazing city but in the people I met will only help the growth that they are so evidently on their way to. The leaders put on a great meeting with lots of promise to watch for.


Hungary was my next visit and a place where I literally gained almost ten pounds. The food in Hungary was amazing and with the leaders in that area knowing every great place to eat. I was eating some of the best food I have ever had and loving every minute of it. I was also able to spend my birthday with this rowdy group and they were surprisingly prepared for that and treated me to a great day (complete with cake and flowers and singing) a great way to spend that day! Hungary is one of the countries in Sisel that is growing, and rapidly. It’s easy to see that the leaders there care about their people and are dedicated to their success.

Hungary has wanted a system that is duplicable and were excited to hear the first bit of information on SiseLIVE for Europe. Over meal after meal (after meal, lol) , we discussed lots of different ideas they have in wanting to take Sisel to the next level. They are dedicated and committed and some of the funnest people I have ever met. They enjoy working together and have created a Sisel community that is growing and succeeding.

Germany was my next stop and I met some distributors that have been friends for over twenty years and I met some new ones that will be great friends with me from here on out. The team there is organized and pro-active in that they regularly set up translations and materials for the areas they need support in. While they have many suggestions and ideas for the future of Sisel, they don’t wait for things to happen but instead work hard to make things happen for themselves. While they love to see anything new from Sisel corporate, they’ve made their own impressive materials that look beautiful and have great information. They wait for no one and take their future into their own hands, it was so good to see!

Paris is growing base that really surprised me with the number of distributors that we have there, and that want to seriously build this business. The interest in SiseLIVE was overwhelming and they are very excited to plug into that system and the follow up training that is coming. They love the products and had great ideas that we spoke about after the meeting. There are several people I met from that area that I know will be growing very quickly in the near future. Paris is definitely a hot spot for new growth and in my opinion is going to double or triple in size in the near future. The leaders are committed to helping their people and I see them working tirelessly to launch Sisel in a BIG way.

My last stop was Italy and as I left the airport I was picked up by a very handsome Italian man, driven in a beautiful, Italian-made car as we wound our way through beautiful Tuscany to my weekend meetings….not a bad start right??

If there is one word to describe the Italy group it would be ENTHUSIASM. They do everything with energy and zest and crazy excitement. They’ve perfected their system and the success shows in everything they do. The leaders that are emerging from this group are dedicated! They have a proven system that each new distributor is educated on and commits to applying as they build their business.

Their training on events, to meetings to parties and everything in between is comprehensive and detailed and leaves no stone unturned. They’ve developed a community that is not only full of ALL the training they need but lots of fun as they make these meetings far more fun than work. We’d all gather into giant conga lines before the meetings, we’d dance and sing and when things needed a little more energy….one distributor in particular would take off his red tie and wave it into the air whipping everyone into a frenzy of fun and excitement. This is one of the largest growing groups in Sisel and it’s easy to see why.

After being gone almost three weeks I returned home and met with the management team. I’d spoke to as many people as I could, I listened and learned from great leaders and distributors, and took pages of notes on the many things I wanted to relay back to the team at home.

In the end I was able to meet the most incredible, dedicated people doing the hard work and sacrifice it takes to build a successful business in Sisel. Many of them are the founding distributors in their country and are building a legacy that will be the history of Sisel’s success And a special thank you to everyone one of you that made me feel welcome while I was there, it was amazing! . It took me leaving my desk and traveling the world to see that our dedicated team at Sisel is working with the best distributors in business and this is our year! I can feel it!