3 Months to 2-Star!

How One Sisel Distributor Put His Business on a Fast Track to Success

Lester Berry is a new Sisel Distributor from Dallas, Texas who has used his skills and Sisel’s resources to take his business to the 2-Star level in just three months! “We started our business in October and made our 1-Star in early November. We then moved up to 2-Star in December and are excited to keep progressing up the ladder of success,” Lester stated. “We know that we’re on the right track and are confident our business is only going to continue to grow.”

Lester and his partner discovered Sisel after a friend, turned sponsor introduced him to Sisel and its Sisel Safe products. He then began researching the company and liked what he learned. “I had the opportunity to meet Tom Mower, Sr. and hear his story. I could feel the passion he has to help people all over the world,” he added. “I first heard of Sisel several years ago while building another business. This time, my friend and sponsor called and re-introduced Sisel to me. After that, I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know and was immediately open to taking a serious look.”

Speaking with Tom Mower was just one of the many factors that attracted Lester to Sisel. In addition to finding Sisel’s staff friendly and professional, his research led him to realize that Sisel’s products are superior to all others on the market. To finalize his decision, he took a tour of Sisel’s 400,000 + sq. ft. manufacturing facility and knew it was a game changer. “The fact that Sisel formulates and manufacturers all of their own products really puts them ahead of the competition”, he reflected.

Like all small business owners, Lester was interested in working with a company that offered a path to increased compensation and with Sisel, he found it. “I was truly impressed with Sisel’s uni-level compensation plan. It provides a more than adequate way for Distributors to expand their business and to increase their return on investment.” Lester has obviously learned how to maximize sales, as his Sisel distributorship has nearly doubled sales every month since it’s inception.

When asked to share some of his secrets to Sisel success, Lester started with the importance of teamwork. “It was important that we were on the right team. I understand that as much as 97% of your success in this industry is based on who you are aligned with! When I did a 3-way call with Joey Boswell, I knew we were aligned with a person and a team that could make it so we all could win. We have worked the fundamentals of building this business – 3-way calling, Opportunity calls, Lifeline calls, Launch calls, Training calls, and home parties. We’re keeping the activities simple so we all can duplicate them and win.”

Expanding on his keys to success, Mr. Berry offered his four tips to making your Sisel business thrive like his:

  1. Commit for 18 to 24 months and then dedicate all of your actions to achieving your goals.

  2. Surround yourself with great leaders, people that will achieve greatness with or without you.

  3. Help people to get a check and win quickly. Doing so will help them build their belief system.

  4. Become a product of the product and share what your experience has been using the products.

In addition to these helpful tips, Lester has some solid advice for anyone that is thinking of joining Sisel. “Do your due diligence. Sisel is going to be the next billion-dollar company and six months from now, you’ll be saying either, ‘I wish I had or I’m glad I did’.”

When asked what he enjoyed most about owning a Sisel business, he declared, “I enjoy helping to make a difference in the life of others and helping them achieve their goals. Time freedom has been the most rewarding benefit of owning a Sisel business. It gives you options in life and I appreciate having options.” Lester also appreciates the feedback he receives from his clients. “They love the fact that the products are concentrated, made with quality ingredients, non-toxic and they work.”

In closing, Lester was eager to share where he sees his business in a year. “I am looking forward to several things in the coming months; celebrating team members achievements, enjoying a total lifestyle change and the fruits of our labor coming to fruition, and last but not least, celebrating Sisel’s exceeding a billion dollars in revenue.”

Sisel is pleased to recognize and share Lester Berry’s remarkable achievements with everyone. He is living proof that anyone can exceed their goals if they really want to; all they need is the drive and determination to help others while they help themselves.