So Monday on the Sisel Beauty Facebook page we posted a survey to see how many of our follows favor lipstick or how many love lip-gloss. And for the women who love to ‘have it all”, how many love to use both lipstick and lip-gloss (like myself who actually uses them both together…at the same time).

Are you a Lipstick or Lip-gloss girl?As I develop product lines the first step is to always spend a large amount of time researching the most popular formulas, components, colors and even the differences in applications. Even different generations have different tastes, each very loyal to their own beauty regimens and products.

As I looked to expand and improve the lip-care line, I came across the age-old question: what is more popular, lipsticks or lip-gloss? Depending on who you talk to, the lines are clearly drawn. The one side consists of firm believers that no look is complete without a beautiful, shade of lipstick. Some research suggest that the may of these believers are from women who are beyond the teens to twenties age range.

The younger generations are always drawn to the light, glossy allure of lip-glosses. Like myself, lip-glosses tend to be one of the first beauty products our mother’s let us experiment with. They wear off far quicker but then the moods and likes of the younger generation change just as quick, they want options to accommodate their fluid beauty desires.

I seem to represent the girl who’s somewhat in the middle of both camps as I love a strong base of color to hold me for a large part of the day but I like to take a like-colored gloss to cover my lipstick with and to keep the look fresh. It’s for this reason, when formulating the lipstick line, I made sure the lip-glosses that followed came in matching colors…for women like myself who top it off with a little shine 😉

The reality is, both lipsticks and lip-glosses are beauty staples that are here to stay. I’ve seen my share of teens who love and collect as many lipstick shades as they can and I’ve seen an older woman’s look with a dab of lip-gloss work perfectly to accommodate a less is more approach. What I’m trying to say is this: research may show certain age-ranges to more fully use certain products and even colors but reality is….we also don’t want to be boxed in by any type of stereotypes, right?

So, go to our Sisel Beauty Facebook survey we posted yesterday and let us know what kind of girl you are….do you love the rich, emollient look and feel of lipstick or do you love the lighter, glossy approach that a lip-gloss provides? And last but surely not least, are you like me and you just can’t make up your mind and you like them both? There is no right or wrong, just tell us how you best dress up your lips and you might be a winner to receive the lip product of your choice. And who will winner of our lip-gloss or lipstick battle? Even I can’t call this one.