Sisel International is pleased to welcome Mike Hagen to the position of Vice President of International Sales. Mike has been in the network marketing business for over 29 years, leading several successful companies and directing multiple product launches. As a way of introducing Mike to everyone at Sisel, Aaron Rennert conducted a personal interview.



Aaron: What was your first impression of Tom Mower Sr.?

Mike: The first time I met him, I wanted to know who his tailor was because I loved his shirts. I was able to sit and talk to him over a weekend and I thought it was intriguing because I wanted to get down to business, but Tom, being an intelligent guy, wanted to talk about products and how they are made, and how they change people’s lives. I wanted to talk about the opportunity but Tom would go back to talking about helping people and his anti-aging philosophy. Truth be told, we were sizing each other up. I was blown away with his passion. What I came away with is that Tom has a passion for people and a passion for success. Tom gets up early and he works hard. He cares about people and he wants to help people make money and to help people live a long, long life.


Aaron: What’s your impression of his facility?

Mike: Wow! It’s very clean and a very organized structure. I’ve seen a few manufacturing facilities in my time, but this was something spectacular. It was huge! I saw how FuCoyDon was being packaged and I was just surprised with the process. You don’t realize what it takes to create a product like this, I was just blown away.


Aaron: You mentioned that you were able to tour a facility like this before. Isn’t it baffling that Tom Sr. put over a $100 million into this facility before he even had a customer?

Mike: Based on the magnitude of the facility, it just comes to show you how serious and passionate Tom is about his company. I have seen warehouses where they would build on for what they needed, but this building has everything in one enormous warehouse. Tom’s drive is incredible, to invest over $100 million of his own money to build this facility, shows how big this man’s vision must be. His passion is unparalleled.


Aaron: What are you looking forward to most about working with Sisel International?

Mike: I am an entrepreneur at heart and that won’t change. I am accustomed to doing something different because I think outside the box. Tom Jr. is a very intelligent guy and he knows the direct sales industry. After he came back from his most recent trip of Australia, I was blown away by how little sleep he had and he still came to work that morning. The work ethic is what sets this company apart. For me, my goal is to make an impact and assist hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe to win! Success is a responsibility. It takes a team, unified in building a strong culture, and this is critical. I want to take Sisel to the next level. There is no limit, it’s either go big or go home. My message is, take your ‘A’ game out and take it to the plate. Some of it is natural, work hard, listen, learn, duplicate those efforts and drive volume. Whether they are in their first month in our business or in their 20th year, I know firsthand what everyone in the field goes through on a daily basis. All the sleepless nights, thousands of phone calls, and believing in people even when they don’t believe in themselves, it can be very tiring. I understand it very well. However, perseverance and belief in your individual mission must be your focus to greatness.


Aaron: What Sisel products are you excited about?

Mike: I’m excited about 4Restore. I have been taking that product since the day I started and it’s amazing. I love the FuCoyDon, I know a lot about it and I know about the research that is put into it and I just love it. And I love the coffee.


Aaron: What advice can you give to our Distributors?

Mike: In 1984, my upline, Crown Ambassador, in another company, said that consumable products create residual income. If you want to create residual income, you have to build a distribution funnel with products that are reusable, products that people will reorder again and again. You go into Costco, you spend a lot of money on a lot of products and you don’t get paid to do that. The Mowers have structured something that allows you to go out and create success. The message is health and wellness and consumable products. I asked Tom Sr., “What gets you out of bed?” He said, “I love what I do, I’m passionate about it.” That is just amazing! All the products are here at Tom’s place. The message is simple; everyone uses toothpaste, shampoo, and mouthwash on a daily basis. I tell all the Distributors that you’re in the business of teaching people prosumer power, buy from your own store, get paid to do that, and teach others to do the same. Sisel has the best structure for long-term income. We have something unique here. We can create generational income for our children, and be a part of something special. Of course there is personal gain, however that gain comes at a price, that only a few are willing to pay. Perhaps these are the dreamers, however I believe with focus, belief, and a winning attitude, we can mentor others to believe that paying the price is worth it. In closing, go share the dream, help people believe in themselves and nourish your team, love on them, care about them, and watch your business explode.

See you at the top!