Thomas and Milo reported they had an amazing experience on the Mini Masters Tour! Thomas was impressed and moved by the level of dedication and excitement all the guests showed, and Milo said it was an inspiring event for everyone involved.

“I got to meet incredibly hard working people that have the same thing in common as I do, which is, helping others,” said Milo. “I came back knowing that Sisel is a family and we all have the same purpose and, that the purpose of this industry is to create relationships…I consider everyone there a part of my family!”

Milo shares his gratitude and thanks for those involved in making the event a huge success. “I can’t go without recognizing ALL the leadership that helped put together these events from start to finish, everything went flawlessly. Everyone came together to the event successful; from the setup, to cooking the food and inviting their guests.”

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the Mini Masters Tour! We hope you enjoyed the event and came away with the knowledge and tools to become better and more effective distributors. As a final note, Milo wanted to share a bit of advice with everyone.

“No matter how hard life or business gets, or how much it burns, or how heavy the load gets…you don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t quit!”