Now that school is in full swing and the routines of autumn sports and holiday rituals fall into place, a sense of newness and creativity abound for many of us who have long since left school.   Knowing that my kids are sitting at a desk expanding their own knowledge and creativity leaves me with my own time to do the same thing myself.   The Sisel Beauty line is experiencing the same kind fall rebirth with not only the existing great products we’ve added this last year but with an explosion of new products all coming out during the coming fall months.   These additions will truly round out both the cosmetics and skin care lines to give our distributors, for maybe the first time, a complete line of products that truly answers and fills almost every beauty need.

A new age for Sisel BeautyWhen I began to work exclusively in the Beauty line, there were some major gaps in both the skincare and cosmetic lines that needed to be filled first.  It was my goal to make sure that we at least had the “beauty basics” before we branched out into other fun paths.  While most companies would be able to just place an order for the products they needed, anyone who knows how Sisel does business knows that, for us, it is a far more complicated process.

We formulate and manufacture all of our own products.  It can be more than a daunting process to create a formula that is both Sisel Safe (which is of utmost importance to us) and still have a quality product.  The first project I took on as Director of Skincare and Cosmetics was mascara.   Every woman knows that a good, quality mascara is a beauty basic that no woman can do without.  The amazing formulas for our SiseLASH and Lashbuilder Mascara took more than two years of long, hard, and often times frustrating work.  With that first accomplishment under our belt we excitedly moved on to the next project but if I thought mascaras were difficult to formulate….lipsticks were another matter entirely!

Formulating a lipstick that has a luxurious, emollient feel with colors that are not only striking but that can last through the day (all while still staying Sisel Safe of course) has been the hardest project of them all! Most lipsticks contain, on average, 39 toxic ingredients.  The ingredients that produce that requisite buttery feel have never been products that have made the Sisel Safe list.  After two years of samples that either felt too dry or lacked a vibrant, shiny color…… I became discouraged.

It’s during these frustrating times that we’ve literally had to wait for the science to catch up to our strict Sisel requirements before we’re able to move forward with some of these products.  In the case of the lipsticks, petrolatum is NOT an ingredient we’ve ever been comfortable adding.   And yet, for 99% of every other lipstick manufacturer out there, this is the main ingredient they use to produce that creamy, luxurious feel all women want.

Finally, after almost two years of searching for solutions, we located a vegetable based lanolin ingredient that promised to safely deliver an equally, if not better, result than petrolatum.  We excitedly added this to our lipstick formula and waited for what seemed like what would be the 99th sample.  After years of research coupled with hard work, we finally had a lipstick with the most beautiful, natural colors, that also had that creamy, smooth texture!

Now to join the mascaras, the addition of a beautiful line of liquid foundations, rich lipsticks, and shiny, unique lip glosses will round out the basics that women need for a beauty line.  With the Exfolium (my new favorite product) and SiselLift right around the corner as well, we now have a full line-up of skin care products to address every skin care need.    It may have taken a little longer than we had first thought and we want to thank everyone for their patience but now with these basic beauty systems in place….there are no limits or boundaries to where we go next in Sisel Beauty!