Besides having to adjust to a schedule that provides zero time to sleep or even rest, becoming a new mother can create all kinds of unexpected problems, not the least of which is what to do about a career. A majority of American businesses are not really prepared to accommodate the needs of a new parent, so a lot of talented women end up in an unanticipated retirement. What more and more mothers are realizing is that there is a solution to their employment concerns; one that offers something few companies can – the pride of ownership.

Becoming a small business owner is a choice that makes sense to more new moms all the time. You can participate in your kid’s lives as much as you want or need and still have a fulfilling career. Your business can be shaped around your family, leaving you your time to schedule as you like. Sounds great, right? The question is, “How do I start my own small business?”

Direct retail sales or network marketing, is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Over 20 million Americans were involved in direct sales last year alone, cashing in on over $36 billion in total sales. This incredible figure represents an almost 5% increase from the previous year’s sales. Even better, it’s expected to increase by over 64% in the next four years! Clearly, there’s money to be made and you may be someone who’s perfect for the opportunity.

Besides being your own boss and setting your own hours, starting a network marketing business is affordable, fun and rewarding. There is no rent to pay, employees to hire or inventory to manage. All you need is the desire to start your own business and the ambition to see it through. One of the major fears of starting your own network marketing business is the fear of having to make endless cold calls every day, but experienced owners downplay that notion by suggesting new entrepreneurs start out by making a list of small goals, (making just one or two contacts per day) and then slowly ramping up to achieving major goals and milestones.

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