Unless you have been to a Masters Convention in Pennsylvania, you may not understand the reason this event was so wonderful! Every 6 months, traditionally March and October, the leaders in and around Pennsylvania plan what I consider to be one of the most heart-felt, well organized, 2 days of intensive training that I have been to.

When you have leaders coming in from all over the country, Laura and Dom Baccini flew in from San Diego, Domenic Baccini flew in from San Diego, Daniel (DW) and Helen Whited flew in from Denver, Joe and Barbie King Pennsylvania, Katie and Jake Beiler Pennsylvania, Mary Ann and Benuel Stoltzfus Pennsylvania and Dr. Curt Ficenec flew in from North Dakota. Talk about a powerful lineup!


This Masters Convention centered around training and teaching each other how to build their business and become purpose-driven in their lives. We had very focused messages and topics that were really spot-on for those that attended. The speakers subjects were as follows:

  • Laura Baccini: Sisel Live! and how to how to build your business and grow your income with this sensational program! Laura recognized all of the distributors that were there who were in the top 20 leaders board for the Mower Cruise and had achieved it primarily through the Sisel Live! events.

  • Domenic Baccini: “Fusion Marketing” and how Sisel International brings two powerful platforms together into one company: The Sisel Live! program which gives you the Direct Sales platform to build an amazing customer base and Multi Level Marketing for long-term residual commissions.

  • Daniel Whited: David and Goliath: battling the giants in your life, as well as Its all about the Freedom!

  • Curt Ficenec: Simplifying the products and how to present and speak about the Triangle of Life, Body Shield and the powerful support of 4Restore and Avenger!

  • Mary Ann Stoltzfus: With her product knowledge and experience, she has so many people share their success that we had an amazing opportunity to hear some heart-felt testimonials.



I thoroughly enjoyed taking people through the Mower Mission and teaching them how to share it and speak about its rich history! Its amazing to think that for over 31 years now, Tom Mower Sr. and Tom Mower Jr., have been traveling around the world educating, informing and empowering millions of people on how to take back their life! My training on leadership was specific to fulfilling your purpose and by having a purpose-driven will allow you be rewarded with the successes of not only your life, but those that help along the way!