Everybody has unique and attractive features that are just waiting to be illuminated! Bringing light and attention to the best parts of your look is the purpose of pressed Illuminator. Illuminator celebrates the strengths of one’s facial features whether it is cheek bones, eyes or nose. Finding out the right use of illuminator will give you confidence in your own skin and have you looking refreshed and radiant. This product reminds us that our features are not meant to be hidden, but embraced. As we explore the how-tos of pressed illuminator, we will open doors to a new level of self-appreciation for authentic beauty.

  1. For starters, where is illuminator applied? Start with the illuminator in the three basic areas: the underside of the brow bone (right under the eyebrows,) on the upper side of cheekbone, and the cupids bow (upper lip line).

  1. Illuminator is not for complete facial illumination. You don’t want a fluorescent look! If you want to apply it in additional areas, then mix it with foundation so that your natural skin tone doesn’t disappear.

  1. Because illuminating powder refracts light, you will want to use it to focus on your desirable features. Make sure to showcase your facial strengths!

  1. A common illuminator misconception is that it can be used as a cover up. This job should be left to your foundation, as the illuminating powder will draw attention to areas it touches.

  1. If you have acne sensitive skin there is no need to worry. Applying illuminator lightly will still work wonders! The trick is to avoid too much glitter and sparkle.

  1. A trick for applying illuminator on the top of cheek bones is to avoid a straight line and instead brush on the powder in a horizontal infinity pattern. This will add new dimension to your cheekbones.

  1. For a thinner nose look, brush a narrow line down the bridge of your nose to give it a leaner look. Make sure you finish the look by dusting the cupids bow. This will help give you an Angelina Jolie upper lip.

  1. Illuminator will not replace blush on your cheekbones. Make sure that you are accenting your cheekbone angles by lightly applying illuminator over the blush.

  1. There are a few danger zones you will need to steer clear of with your illuminator. These areas are on the chin and forehead. We don’t want to blind onlookers, just stun them.

  1. If you are concerned that your skin is too oily for pressed illuminator, then fear no more. Choose a foundation with a matte finish. This will pave the way for illuminator to work its own magic.

  1. For those who feel anxious about illuminating their features, it is important to understand another illuminating concept. When illuminating powder is applied correctly then it softens and takes the focus away from the areas you want to camouflage- this includes eye circles.

  1. Tap the makeup brush or give it a few sweeps on your wrist before facial application to avoid a fairy dust look.

  1. If you are looking to make your eyebrows look sharper, then also apply a touch of illuminator in the inner corner of the eye in addition to just below the brow arch.

  1. We all know that practice make perfect, so before applying all these wonderful techniques, practice applying power to the back of your hand so that you get the feel for how heavy or light Brushstrokes need to be.

  2. To complete your entire look with the illuminator, accent your outfit with undertones that will make your face pop.